Friday Night Flies

Fridays, this fall and winter we will be hosting a fly-tying evening.  Every Friday will be a little different with changing themes. Eric will be leading the evenings sessions, but we’ll be inviting guest tyers as well.  We will have a limited number of vices and tools for people to use, but you’re welcome to bring you own.  Please feel free to bring in your own materials otherwise, you will be able to purchase needed items. Every Friday 5-8PM November through February.  Of course, we’ll have some liquid refreshment on hand to increase your creativity.

February 21st the lead tier will be Jack tying his “Lantern” series of steelhead flies, with new and updated materials.  Let’s call them 2.0 flies. The principles of tying these flies are an excellent foundation into tying all sorts of greased line steelhead flies.  After we’ve tied a fly or two, we will discuss the concepts, components, stages, and material selection required to design flies on your own.

Down Stream: February 28th 5-8 Todd Hirano will be our featured tyer.  Todd will be tying Winter Steelhead Dry Flies. Below is an excerpt from Todd’s IG feed.  Check out his blog at

“Dry Fly Winter Steelhead:  getting winter steelhead on the surface is a game of small odds and persistence (and insanity), but it is a game that I love.  Fly fishing is a game of self imposed limits to begin with, so I figured why not take things just a bit further and try for winter steelhead on the surface. It’s only conventional wisdom (and common sense) that tells us that the way to fish for winter steelhead is to go big and deep.  I previously posted here on the 3 surface steelhead I took in December, but I just put up a story on my blog with more ramblings from the mental defects that prompts such behavior.  Click on the link for my blog on my bio for those interested in a quick read.”

New dates for our super popular Steelhead School

Learn all the basics of Steelheading right in our back yard. In this 6 hour float down the Sandy or Clackamas (depending on water conditions), you will learn how to read steelhead water, how to fish that water effectively, how to choose the right fly for the situation, what sink tips are important and when, and how to cast a two-handed (spey) rod. Space is limited to two people per class so you get the most out of your day and plenty of one on one instruction.
Some equipment is available.

Cost: $250.00 / $125.00 deposit required at time of enrollment.

Our 2019 trout school Schedule is out now.

Last year, we saw unprecedented enrollment in our beginning trout schools.  We were jumping through hoops trying to add dates to keep up with the demand.  In 2018 we scheduled more schools than ever before and still had to add an additional dozen dates to keep up with demand.  I guess what we’re saying is “Don’t wait to long to sign up, or the date will be filled.”  Rest assured that we will continue to add dates as necessary, and have added another instructor for the busy summer months.  This is a great little video that Zach made of our class, take a couple of minutes to watch it then click on our “Classes Clinics” page to see the upcoming dates.

Check out this great video that Zachary made of our trout schools.



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We like to consider ourselves fairly tough when it comes to dealing with all the weather mother nature throws us. We have all stayed out on the river longer than we probably should have a time or two, but when it comes to opening the store in freezing rain and/or snow, our crew’s safety means more to us than the cash register making noise. On the rare days when we do get a dose of frozen stuff on the roads in the Portland/Metro, please give us a call before you come out to make sure we are open. If it turns out we are closed when you need us, please accept our apologies in advance. Thank you 503-252-1529.  We do forward the phones so we can take your calls and we post all closures on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

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