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John and Shirley Hagan opened NW Flyfishing Outfitters in May 1993. There son Jack Hagan joined the business in the Fall of 1994. They have seen many changes in the sport and industry over this time period and have never (almost never) regretted the decision to open the store. If asked they would tell you the most suprising aspect of the business is the relationships formed with they're customers. "Our regular clientel isn't just a customer to us, they're family. You can't quantify how valuable that is", says Jack Hagan. The store originally sat 3 miles East of it's current location. The new store is in the ideal building for a fly shop, the only thing missing is a freestone river flowing by the front deck of their "A" frame building.

John Hagan

John Hagan 11/10/43 - 10/18/2013
Our founding father, It was John’s dream that made NWFFO a reality. He was a well traveled & accomplished angler. Though he spent many days wading the flats, step casting down Steelhead runs, popping big hair bugs for Bass: He really was the quintessential “trout bum”. We lost John one month before his 70th birthday to a massive stroke. We still miss his vast knowledge of of fish and fly fishing, his keen sense of business, and mostly his smile. 

Shirley Hagan

The nicest little “old” lady in the business. Although now mostly retired, she has always been that smiling face that made you feel right at home in the store. Like John, Shirley is not in the store very often these days. When she is, you’ll know, she’ll be the one who earnestly and patiently listens with a beaming smile. Shirley’s favorite fishing is on still water, where John will tell you that more often than not she out fishes him with ease!

Jack Hagan

In addition to managing the store, Jack has been guiding Oregon’s premier wild fish waters since 1996. For someone who grew up to manage a fishin’ store, Jack started his fishing life at a disadvantage, having gone straight from a snoopy rod to a fly rod at an early age. Though Jack enjoys fishing for anything that swims, wild Steelhead and Chum Salmon are really what gets his blood boiling. Jack has fished all over the West, Florida, Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean and the South Seas. Where the old men in the shop (John and Jack L.) would tell you that Montana is the Fly Fishing Mecca, Jack would vote for British Columbia with its bountiful runs of anadromous fish. Jack also enjoys hosting Fly Fishing trips, so keep your eyes open here on our web site or in the shop. His next hosted trip may be the one you have always dreamed about. No matter where you’re headed with your fly rod, NWFFO’S “Jack of all fishes” can be of assistance.

Eric Leininger

Eric is a busy guy.  He is our Tying Materials buyer her at the shop, he guides at Goodnews River Lodge” in Alaska in the summer, he guide steels and trout here in Oregon and Washington, and is a “Pro Ambassador” for G. Loomis Rods. He has a huge knowledge base for anything that swims in Pacific NW and can help you get hooked up on those finned critters.

Jack Lynch

The “old” guy, Jack Lynch is mainly here to make everyone else feel young. Jack’s first love is fishing soft hackles for antything with gills. His preference is white fish, but at his age, he’ll take what he can get. Jack is our tying materials buyer, if your looking for an obscure material he’s the guy to ask. Just make sure you do it on Saturday, he’s off fishing or doing “Wifey” projects the rest of the week.

John Wall

“Scuba” John, has been chasing redsides on the Deschutes for the last 20 years, and is a wealth of knowledge for your next trip over. Scuba is also an authority on our local and coastal rivers for Salmon and Steelhead. When he’s not on the river chasing tail with clients, you can find him waist deep with his wife, Mo, daughter Allison, and their lab, Seinna, the great.

John Morgan Jones

AKA - Jonsey
Jonsey has been in the fly fishing trade a long time. He has been involved in guiding, instruction, manufacturing, retail, and fish/angler enhancement as of late. Along with fishing he is a very accomplished musician & photographer and lately you can find him on the motocross track, coaching son racing dirtbikes. Jonsey is one of those people you encounter in life that seems to accel at anything he touches. College educated in law, journalism, and psychology, and has a ton of knowlage on most subjects you want to bring up to him. He quickly became part of the NWFFO family and often teaches the young bucks around the shop a thing or two about catching fish.