Get the best in fly fishing instruction by top notch authors, guides, and experts.

"Quality" describes your equipment. It should also describe your education. That is why you will see only three students per guide in our on-water classes, only four students in our tying classes, and eight to ten attendees in our clinics. We keep our class size small to SUPER SIZE your experience!

We loan you equipment from fly fishing's top manufacturers to make your day on the water and time on the tying vise great.

Because of class size limitations we require a 50% deposit when booked. Deposits are fully refundable up to two weeks prior to the class date. Cancellations after that are non-refundable unless we can fill your space in the class.

Deschutes River •
Beginning Fly Fishing

Beginning Fly Fishing Class

This class, by far our most popular, takes you through the steps to become a more productive fly-fisher. You start with a two-hour, in-shop session on tackle, knots, rigging, and essentials needed to catch trout on Western streams like the Deschutes. The following Saturday or Sunday – your choice – you will meet your guides in Maupin on the banks of the Deschutes River to start your on-river class. During this eight hours you will learn where the fish live and dine in a stream. You’ll learn to effectively present a fly, take samples of insect life, select specific flies, use those flies, safely navigate the river, and play and land fish.

This class is held February through November. Call or e-mail us for the current schedule. Some equipment is available.

Cost: $175.00 / $90.00 deposit required at time of enrollment.

In-shop class On the Deschutes River
February 19th: in-shop 6:45 PM February 23rd 2014
March 19th in-shop 6:45 PM March 23rd 2014
April 16th in-shop 6:45 PM April 20th 2014
May 14th in-shop 6:45 PM May 18th 2018
June 18th in-shop 6:45 PM June 22nd 2014
July 23rd in-shop 6:45 PM July 27th 2014
August 20th in-shop 6:45 PM August 24th 2014
September 24th in-shop 6:45 PM September 28th 2014
October 22nd in-shop 6:45 PM October 26th 2014
November 19th in-shop 6:45 PM November 23rd 2014

Beginning Fly Fishing
For Winter Steelhead

Learn all the basics of Winter Steelheading right in our back yard. In this 5 hour float down the Sandy or Clackamas(depending on water conditions), you will learn how to read steelhead water, how to fish that water effectively, how to choose the right fly for the situation, what sink tips are important and when, and how to cast a two hander. Space is limited to three people per class so you get the most out of your day and plenty of one on one instruction. 
Some equipment is available.

Cost: $165.00 / $80.00 deposit required at time of enrollment.


In Shop: Saturday, February 22nd - On River: Sunday, February 23rd 2014
In Shop: Saturday, March 15th - On River: Sunday, March 16th 2014

Intermediate Fly Tying
Intermediate Fly Tying

Take your tying to the next step. In this class you will learn how to form dubbing loops, work with deer hair, pearl core braid, spilt mayfly tails, rubber legs, etc. We will tie some of the most effective advanced nymphs, dries and emergers such as the Chubby Chernobyl, Kaufmann Stone, Silvey’s Caddis Pupa, Rubber Legged Stimulator, Angel Case Emerger, and more. The Class consists of 3 evenings, tying 2 flies per session, and will also include a DVD, showing the flies being tied for your reference at home. All Tools and materials are provided.
Max of 4 students

Basic tying skills are required

Cost: $95.00 / $45.00 deposit required at time of enrollment


March 2014 - 3rd, 10th, 17th
April 2012 - 7th, 14th, 21st

Beginning Tying
Winter Steelhead Flies

Tying steelhead flies offers an opportunity to combine creativity with fishability. This class will introduce you to many of the materials and tying techniques you need to tie a variety of popular steelhead flies, and to create some patterns of your own. This is a three session class where you will work with a variety of materials and techniques used in tying steelhead flies. You will learn the basic principals of shanked, and tube flies. All tools and materials are furnished. Class size is kept small. Reservations and deposit required.

Cost: $95.00


March 2014 - 7th, 14th, 21st

Beginning Fly Tying

Class consists of three 2 hour sessions and covers the basics of fly tying. Students will tie six effective NW fly patterns. You will learn the tools, materials, and techniques of fly tying. All tools and materials are furnished. Class size is kept small. Reservations and deposit required.

Cost: $75.00

October 2014 - 28th, Nov. 4th, Nov. 11th

Deschutes River
Intermediate Fly Fishing

This class is for people with some fly fishing experience, but want to take the next step and add to their skill set. This is a 6 hour float trip down the Deschutes river, focusing on some of the more technical aspects of fly fishing. Fishing structure, back eddies, stack mending, fishing two flies effectively, and achieving the longest drag free floats possible. We limit this class to 3 people, so you get the most out of your day, including a ton of one on one instruction. Some equipment is available.
Due to the popularity and small class size, we require a $100 deposit at the time of booking.

Cost: $225.00

April 19th May 11th
June 22nd July 13th August 24th

Upcoming Events

Upcoming events for everyone to attend.

Cost: FREE

Winter Steelhead Tying Event

Five of the top NW guides and tyers will be here showing you how to tie their most effective winter steelherad flies. We have all the areas covered, Sandy, Clack, Coast, and SW Washington. Ted Neely, Matt McCrary, Nick Rowell, Bruce Berry, and Jason Osborn.
Clinic runs all day. 9AM - 4:30PM

Clack Spey Day

Feb. 1 we will be out in force on the Clackamas at Barton Park with all the new Winston Spey Rods for you to demo. Personel include, Winston Rep: Eric Neufeld, Winston Ambassador: Tom Larimer, & Winston Pro Staffer: Matt McCrary.
Clinic runs from 10AM - 2PM