Get the best in fly fishing instruction by top notch authors, guides, and experts.

"Quality" describes your equipment. It should also describe your education. That is why you will see only three students per guide in our on-water classes, only four students in our tying classes, and eight to ten attendees in our clinics. We keep our class size small to SUPER SIZE your experience!

We loan you equipment from fly fishing's top manufacturers to make your day on the water and time on the tying vise great.

Because of class size limitations we require a 50% deposit when booked. Deposits are fully refundable up to two weeks prior to the class date. Cancellations after that are non-refundable unless we can fill your space in the class.

Deschutes River •
Beginning Fly Fishing

Beginning Fly Fishing Class

This class, by far our most popular, takes you through the steps to become a more productive fly-fisher. You start with a two-hour, in-shop session on tackle, knots, rigging, and essentials needed to catch trout on Western streams like the Deschutes. The following Saturday or Sunday – your choice – you will meet your guides in Maupin on the banks of the Deschutes River to start your on-river class. During this eight hours you will learn where the fish live and dine in a stream. You’ll learn to effectively present a fly, take samples of insect life, select specific flies, use those flies, safely navigate the river, and play and land fish.

This class is held February through November. Call or e-mail us for the current schedule. Some equipment is available.

Cost: $175.00 / $90.00 deposit required at time of enrollment.

In-shop class On the Deschutes River
March 15th: In-Shop 6:30 PM March 19th 2017: On River
April 5th: In-Shop 6:30 PM April 9th 2017: On River
May 17th: In-Shop 6:30 PM May 21st 2017 On River
June 7th In-Shop 6:30 PM June 11th 2017 On River
July 5th In-Shop 6:30 PM July 9th 2017 On River
August 2nd In-Shop 6:30 PM August 6th 2017 On River
September 13th In-Shop 6:30 PM September 17th 2017 On River
October 4th In-Shop 6:30 PM October 8th 2017 On River
November 1nd In-Shop 6:30 PM November 5th 2017 On River

Beginning Fly Fishing
For Winter Steelhead

Learn all the basics of Winter Steelheading right in our back yard. In this 8 hour float down the Sandy or Clackamas (depending on water conditions), you will learn how to read steelhead water, how to fish that water effectively, how to choose the right fly for the situation, what sink tips are important and when, and how to cast a two hander. Space is limited to three people per class so you get the most out of your day and plenty of one on one instruction. 
Some equipment is available.

Cost: $250.00 / $125.00 deposit required at time of enrollment.

In Shop: Jan 6th, 4 PM / On River: Jan. 7th 2017
In Shop Feb. 3rd, 4 PM / On River: Feb. 4th 2017
In Shop: Mar. 3rd, 4 PM / On River: Mar. 4th 2017

Advanced Tiers Clinic - Streamers

In this class you will learn how to tie the big, multi-shank style streamers made famous by Kelly Gallop. Proper hook selection, weighting, heads, movement, will all be covered, as well as working with all kinds of different material, natural and synthetic.

Basic tying skills are required

Cost: $115.00 / $40.00 deposit required at time of enrollment

This is a 3 part class
6:30PM December 8th, 15th. and 22nd

Intermediate Fly Tying

Take your tying to the next step. In this class we pick up where the beginning class left off with new techniques and materials. We will be spinning hair, working with foam, extended bodies and more!
Class is limited to 4 people


Feb. 13th, 20th, and 27th

Beginning Fly Tying

Class consists of three 2 hour sessions and covers the basics of fly tying. Students will tie six effective NW fly patterns. You will learn the tools, materials, and techniques of fly tying. All tools and materials are furnished. Class size is kept small. Reservations and deposit required.

Cost: $75.00
$40 deposit required at time of registration



6:30PM Jan. 11th, 18th, & 25th
6:30PM Feb. 6th, 13th, & 20th
6:30PM Mar. 1st, 8th, & 15th

Tying Intruders For Winter Steelhead

In this 3 part class, we will teach you all about the steps to tie beautiful Intruder type flies for this upcoming winter season. We will go over using both tubes and shanks, dubbing loops, winging, weighting, and using a composite loop. All the tools and materials are provided by us.
Class is $150 with a $75 deposit due at the time of sign up

6:30PM December 7th, 14th, & 21st

Upcoming Events

Upcoming events for everyone to attend.

Cost: FREE

Winter Steelhead Fishing and Tying Clinic

Join Ted Neely Saturday, Jan 10th from 10AM - 2PM here at the shop, where he will be teaching all about Winter Steelhead. Learn what to use, when to go, where to go, reading water, and what to tie.
If you are new to the winter steelhead scene or just want to add that extra edge on your days out, don’t miss out on this one. Ted has been fishing these rivers for over 25 years and knows all the tricks to keep the cast-to-fish ratio down to a minimum.

River Pics

Saturday, January 24th, In the loft at 10:00.
Fish and outdoor photography clinic.
While we believe in in the shop clinics centered around fishing and tying (and we do have more on the way…), we thought a change of pace would be a good thing for the new year.
  Juan Calvillo (from will be in the loft giving a presentation on basic fish/outdoor photography. Using point and shoot as well as DSLR systems will be de-mistified. Open questions will be answered. Many topics will be covered including alternative shooting styles other than having the angler and fish in the center of the frame. Dealing with reflections, bright sunlight and camera settings. Ethical methods for handling fish for photos will also be covered.