Back from paradise!

Jack and company got back Saturday from a week in Terrace chasing Skeena system chrome. While he was in the shop this morning getting some things in order for the next couple days of guiding in the “D”, I hounded him for the photo album (now in the form of an IPad). As we all know, the pictures we take on our fishing adventures hardly do justice to what the real think was like, so I can only imagine how beautiful Northern BC in person. Waterfalls, evergreens, cobble beaches, and patches of fog, laced between snow capped mountains were in the back drop of every picture. In the forefront….Skeena Steelhead. Truly amazing 100% wild fish. In short….perfect. There was no shortage of rain from what he told me, some of the rivers blew, and they were forced to find other venues. Enter Coho Salmon. Mint bright, big, and aggressive. Now, spoiled for life, Jack is back to work. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him when he came in on Saturday. I remember the feeling waiting for the Portland bound plane at the Yakutat Airport a couple years ago. I was on the verge of mass depression, but, I guess we need those plane rides back to reality to keep those times in our life special…or maybe that’s just positive thinking….because it sucked!
I dont want to spoil the full report form Jack, so this is were I stop. Shortly he will fill all of you in on all the details, making all of us wish we were there with them.
























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Give us your ideas for Saturdays in the Loft

We’re starting to schedule our free Saturday clinics. They will fire up again on the 1st Sat. in Jan. The line up will include a Winston Rod day where you will be able to cast the new BIIIX, and GVX, as well as some great fly tying seminars.  We would love to get your input on what you are interested in and what you would like to learn more about. Give us your ideas by providing comments to this blog.


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???Bass Masters???

Okay, right off the bat, let’s get the spitting of the feathers out of the way.  I have relentlessly teased many of my friends for bass fishing for so long, I can’t remember.  My reasoning was, with so many Steelhead and Trout streams nearby, why waste time fishing for a bass.

I was wrong…………  I fully admit it!!!  Damn it, I hate being wrong!!!  This bass fishing is really fun.  The best part, it is a relatively small time commitment.  You don’t have to (even though you could) drive two hours to find a willing bass.  The Willamette and Columbia are full of them, as well as many lakes and ponds in the metro area.

It all started about 18 months ago.  For years I’ve been telling my beautiful wife Polli that I was going to buy a motorcycle for my 40th birthday.  Kind of a pre-planned mid life crisis. Well, as my 40th loomed, I realized that I probably don’t belong on a street bike.  They demand a high level of concentration and coordination that I simply do not possess.  Those of you who have been passengers in the truck with me, will totally understand this.

Once Finn came along my frequency of fishing trips kinda took a nose dive, I know, big shocker there.  Now, I’m not complaining mind you.  I count myself a blessed and lucky man to have such a wonderful wife and son.  I wouldn’t trade either of them for all the fish swimmin’, but, but, a guy’s got still gotta fish, right?

So I conjured up the idea that I would scrap the bike and get a small, used, cheap sled.  I could drop Finn off at school and be on the Clack in less than a half hour ☺☺☺  Quick, Easy, Great Idea!!!

Except, have you seen the price of used sleds???  OUCH!  So now it’s time for plan “B”.  I need a partner……  Oh Dad.  So I talk dad into going in halvesies with me.  But this backfires rather quickly as he’s not so hip to a sled and a pump☹☹☹  He wants’ a boat he can fish out of.  So long story, not short enough, we end up buying a 08’ Tracker Bass boat in June for about half the money of a decent used sled and I’m loving it!  Now I can be on the Willamette in Oregon City in less than 10 minutes from Finn’s school.

So, I’m no master, not by a long shot, but I’m having a hell of a good time learning a new fishery.  The water from the Falls in O.C. to Sellwood is full of awesome bass habitat.  The perfect place for an 18’ Bass Tracker equipped with a couple of SAGE Tournament Bass fly rods.  Obviously, there’s not much time left in 2010 for Bass fishing.  So stay tuned, next spring I hope to have more to report.

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Welcome Friends, it’s finally up and running.  The NWFFO Blog!!

This is how we will communicate all the goings on here at the shop as well as what’s happening on the water.  We have been working extensively to improve our web site, and now the last piece is active.  We hope your enjoying these changes; the site will always be a work in progress.  Our plan is to update the blog at least every couple of weeks. 
Those of you, who know me, know that I would rather go to the dentist (sorry Dentists) than to put a whole bunch of words to paper.  Yep, I’m that lame, I have to write it before I can type it.  Considering my penmanship, this is quite the task.  So……  Jason will be assigned the task of keeping you all up to date.  Dad, Matt and I will occasionally show up to share our experiences from trips were on.  We’ll just be utilizing our ghost writer.
We hope you all enjoy the changes; it’s only taken us damn near 18 years to get here.  Please feel free to shoot us an email if you have any suggestions.  We would love to hear your feedback. 
As always, we wouldn’t be here without you, our valued friends and customers.  We can’t thank you enough for your friendship and trust.  Now turn off your computers and go fishing!!!

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