Deschutes Update

Yes, the Deschutes is running high…but it’s on the drop. Don’t let the higher water talk you out of making the trip over. The fish are eating dries, and sometimes with wreckless abandon. If you are willing to dig around and fish the tougher water you will find fish willing to come up for your dry. Chubby’s, Stonehenge, Norm Woods, and Egg Layers have all been good choices. Find shade and fish into the evening.
Early morning nymphing has also be producing well. All the standard stone nymphs have been working. The jimmy legs has been my best nymph this season, with a Silvey’s Caddis as my dropper. 

A “Gob” of golden adults across from Nena ramp

Yet another victim of the golden chubby.








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There here!

Slamonflies and Goldenstones are crawling all over the banks in Maupin. We took a couple on dries over the weekend, by this weekend the trout should be all over them. On a side note, don’t let the high flows scare you into not going. The high water will push even more fish into the banks, and they will be looking up. Norm Woods, Chubby’s, and the Stonehenge will all be must have’s for the next 4 weeks.

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For the tyers

Here are a couple “trout view” pics of the stones that are about to come off. This will give you a good look at the true color of the bugs to keep in mind while tying.

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