Caddis steal the show on the Deschutes

Moving into summer, as usual the caddisfly will be getting most of the positive attention for the next few months. On Saturday, if you didn’t have tan caddis pupa’s, you might as well have stayed home. As evening came and the shade hit the banks, X-caddis and emergers began to take over. All in all, a great day, quite a few fish brought to hand, and all were fat footballs, having just got done stuffing themselves on adult stoneflies.

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Good Day with Grandkids

Our good friends Doug and Rita, took the grandkids out for one great day of trout fishing last week on a local lake. By the huge smiles on thier faces, I would say they had a pretty good time! 

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Tying Silvey’s Caddis Pupa

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Local Steelhead in full effect

Fresh off the Clack, Matt’s clients bring 2 steelies to hand, and….oh yeah….a Springer! Summer fish are finaly here in good numbers. Now is the time to catch the hottest, brightest fish of the year. Don’t miss out!












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Jebs trophy

Jeb Burkhart (Age 4) hooked, played, and landed this Largemouth with only minor assistance from his grandfather, Lance. Caught from a golf course pond in Spring, Texas.
E-mail us your “kid fishing photo” with a short blurb on the who’s, when’s, and where’s, and we will try to publish them on our blog.







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McCrary finds chrome gold

Hot off the Clack, Matt found his clients a mint bright summer run steelie willing to play ball.



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“Yank their guts out Dad”

Okay, Flyfishing it ain’t, but I gotta give props to the boy!  Sunday Finn asked me if we could go fishing on Monday, the knucklehead has his priorities right at a young age.  Actually, I don’t know if it is the fishing that attracts him as much as getting to “yank their guts out”.  I admit it, I let him talk me into killing a couple of stockers.  The worst part is cooking them up, the damn things are so small and pale fleshed, but he’s happy.  So, I took him out to Canby Pond yesterday for a little fishing.  Canby Pond is a youth / disabled only lake that ODFW stocks in you guessed it….Canby.  This is a great place to take your kids, they don’t need to be able to cast more than about 30 feet or so, and they readily ate Finn’s little rooster tail yesterday.  They also have a small playground in case your kids need a little break from fishing.  Keep an eye on ODFW’s trout stocking page so you’ll know when to go.  It hadn’t been stocked since May, but we took the chance and it paid off.  We all owe it to our youth to get them into fishing before video games and texting takes over their lives.










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One BIG Mutha’

One PIG of a trout found Chris’s fly looking tasty on the “D” last week….yes…on a chubby. Did you even have to ask?





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Dry fly fishing still going strong on the east side











We have had some epic days on the Deschutes this year for the Salmonfly hatch. Every evening aroud 8:30 the sky fills with thousands of adults making a huge surge upstream, like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. Still to this day I can’t get used to them crawling up the back of my neck. The ones that do quickly find themselves in the river and in the belly of a lucky trout. If you haven’t made time to go out and experience this hatch, you owe it to yourself to do so.

Tripp and Al with a couple nice ones taken on Chubby’s. Thanks, for a couple great days guys!

The Chubby continues to be at the top of the list for the most fish at the end of the day!


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Eric and his chubby…..chernobyl!

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Tying the Rogue Stone

We are in the middle of Salmonfly season on the Deschutes. Here is another one we won’t be without.

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Tying the Lightning Bug

A must have for your fly box! You can adapt the materials to any color you want. The most popular colors are pearl, gold, silver, and olive, but don’t limit your self there. blue, purple, red, and black are all great colors to have as well. 

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