Tying a Drowned October Caddis

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Deschutes Fall Trout Fishing

Last week I had the pleasure to guide a couple from Japan for 3 days of fall trout fishing on the “D”. They flew all the way from Tokyo to fish the famous Deschutes River. I forget sometimes how lucky we are to have such a gem only 2 hours away.
There is great trout fishing to be had over there right now. We only hooked a couple fish under 14” in 3 days, and had consistant action for the entire time. Dries in the mornings and evenings, October caddis pupa and small nymphs mid day, although Jimmy’s had some play in some of the deep holes.  Caddis once again had the most action in the low light hours. Tan pupas, tan sub-mergers, and tan edbile emergers size 14 and 16.  If your going over, it would be a good idea to pick up a brown marker and color some of the size 16’s dark brown. We also ended up hooking 4 steelies, one of which on a size 14 caddis soft hackle on the swing. It was a great trip, can’t wait to get back!  **A couple tying videos of a the hot flies are on the way ASAP** 

A pleasant suprise in the middle of great trout action


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Graham’s first Steelhead

Here to make us all drool is 10 y/o Graham and his 1st steelhead caught on the Deschutes 8/26/11. After giving it a noble try all week and numerous “bites” and “I think I got ones” with the fly rod, this beauty fell to a spinner on the last morning of our trip.
Graham could hardly contain himself when he realized that he had a fish on!
He wanted so bad to keep it, but revived and willingly released it after a picture was taken.

Great job Graham!!!

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Deschutes River Steelhead Update

McCrary keeps things going on the lower Deschutes with not only doubles, but triples!! With an avarage of 5+ hook up’s per day, thing have been on fire him and his clients. 

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The fall bite coming on strong for Willamette Smallies

The Jacks have been out on the Willie chasing Smallmouth and have some great sucsess lately. While poppers and surface bugs will take some fish, going deep has been the ticket for the bigger fish, like the one shown here with Lynch, having big fish of the day and ultimate bragging rights over Hagan. The fall bass fishing has really just now started and should get better and better as we move into fall. Crazy Dads in orange, purple, and olive, Sculpzillia’s in olive and black, and Muddler’s have all been taking some good fish.

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