Tying Anderson’s Bird Of Prey October Caddis Pupa

Hook - TMC 2457 #8
Thread - Black 8/0 Uni
Bead - 1/8” Gold
Tail/Collar Hackle - Partridge
Body - Orange Dubbing (UV Frogs Hair used in video)
Rib - Medium pearl tinsel
Thorax Dubbing - UV Pearl Ice Dub
Head - Peacock Herl

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Tying a simple Caddis Emerger

Hook - TMC 2457
Thread - Uni 8/0 Olive
Shuck/Back - Antron Yarn
Body - Superfine Dubbing
Rib - Brassie Ultra Wire Copper Brown
Wing - Natural Elk
Head - Peacock Herl

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Learn to Identify Fall Chinook Reds

Zombie Apocalypse hits the west side rivers

Every fall our local streams fill up with hundreds to thousands of fall chinook. By this time, they are pretty well beat up, and in the process of spawning. While not a fish you want to target at this point, it is pretty cool to take a few minutes to take a break from chasing steelhead and watch mother nature in action. Every trip out I have been having lunch near a group of spawning fish and watching them on the reds chasing each other around, turning on thier sides and make future runs of native fish.

A bright spot in the middle of the brown/green river bottom is a Salmon red. Learn to identify them and avoid walking through them.

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