Fish to be had..

Even with the low levels and cold teps, there are fish around. We have had very high tides this past week and every Lower Columbia trib has seen a push of fresh fish. Even though we have some tough conditions at the moment, the good news is that the rivers are not blown, and the fish are there. Darker colored flies in the purples, blacks, and blues have been the most consistant, but I would male sure to have a couple pinks, reds, and orange offerings with you. If you find a run that looks too good to not give up a fish, switch from your dark to your bright fly and go through it again, sometimes thats all it takes to find a biter. 

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McCrary’s Annual December Slay Fest 2011

About this time every year we get a drove of people coming in and calling, all with the same question: Are you seeing any Steelhead yet? Well…....yes…....yes we are. Time to go out and get it done people. The Sandy, Clack, Coast, and SW Washington all have fresh winter fish in them. Even though we are a little shy on moisture, and the rivers are low and clear, there are fish to be caught. Please see the evidence below, and quickly proceed to your nearest local steelhead run.

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