Deschutes Winter Trout Report

Its been a while since we talked about trout around here. From late November to early April around here it’s easy to get tunnel vision on winter steelheading. So, to change it up a bit and get a little refreshed, here you go…A late Janurary trout report.
The Deschutes has been fishing great. Big, healthy, fat rainbows, some up in the 17” range have been brought to hand. Most of the fish, as to be expected, have been hooked in the slower seams, back eddies, and right off the bank. The river has been running a little high, but that shouldn’t put you off. In truth, around 6000 cfs out of Pelton is my favorite level to fish the “D”. It will bring the fish right into the banks where they stack up and are easy to get to.

As for fly selection, our best over all has been a Rubber Jimmy Legs in both size 6 and 8. Any color, doesn’t seem to matter. trail a small (16 or 18) pheasant tail, lightning bug, or copper john off the back end and your set. There are a ton of white fish eggs on the bottom of the river at the moment, so don’t be without a few small egg patterns, and as always in the winter, bring your san juan worms. If the river comes up even more, worms will be very important to have. BWO’s are popping off here and there. Look for them in back eddies from 11-3, and expect to see a couple gulpers. 

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January Water Level Report

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And so it begins…

Matts new boat is in the build process as we speak…a 22 1/2’ Willie Predator with the new 4 stroke 200hp SHO Yamaha jet to back it up. So, what does this mean to you, you ask? Watch the “F” out! This season on the Clack and Lower D your gunna see a wild ass banshee Scotsman, cruzin by you at mach 10 with his kilt, high in the air, on his way to find the next silver bullet.

Matt is booking sled trips now for both the Clack winter and summer season, and the Summer Deschutes season. Spots fill up very fast. If you want to get in, book now.   

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Roger’s First

A little more time spent here…










Equals better results here!








Yesterday on the Clack, Roger lands his first Winter Steelhead with Matt. A big Congrats goes out to you, Roger!!!

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Beautiful Sandy Steelhead

Ricardo Guzman struck chrome last week on the Sandy with one of his own Intruders. 

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Catching up on a little reading

Studies have shown that children that start reading at a young age average higher test scores in school, have better communication skills, and enhanced concentration abilities. At age 2-1/2, Jake Mitchell, son of Jamey Mitchell, hopes to add another benifit from early age reading to his skill set. Keep an ear out for this up-and-comer next time your out. 

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