New Family Member

Meet Calhoun

Calhoun is the newest member of the NWFFO team and our family. He is a 8 week old Golden Retriever from “Sunshine Golden Retrievers” in Dexter Oregon. For those of you keeping track, this is the very same breeder that the folks got Ranger and Buster from. Debbie Berry has been breeding Golden’s for 42 years, and they are wonderful dogs. Calhoun was born on January 30th, sired by “‘Wood Duck Premium Blend” and Dam’ed by “CH Sunshine’s I Believe in Fate”. I would strongly recommend you look them up if your ever in the market for a fantastic Golden.

Finn and I headed south today and picked him up. As you can tell from the photo, he is blending in quite well. Finn is so excited to have his first puppy, even though he still misses Shamrock very much. And Polli really wanted a “Ranger” dog the next go round’. So here we are puppy proofed and ready (ha ha) to train.

The last few months have seemed very empty with Sham’s passing in December. I think Calhoun will help us all deal better with the emptiness caused by Sham’s passing. Shamrock was a great dog, he will be missed and remembered always.

Now, no wise cracks about the damn treadmill in the photo! Yeah, we got one and I don’t use it!!! We bought it to keep the carpet down.

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we got a bleeder


























Apperently a blood sacrifice was in order to break in the new sled. Now that the Willie gods are pleased, Matt can move on with the rest of the season with “good joojoo”.Although,  I am keeping an eye out for fish skulls with spears punched through them mounted on the bow.

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In the papers again

Jamey Mitchell makes the front page yet again with another Sandy Chromer. This one, littered with sea lice, is as bright as they get, and a great example of the perfect, healthy, PNW Steelhead. 

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