Barred Ostrich Is In!

We just got in the new barred ostrich plumes from Montana Fly. Very nice material, good length and stiffness. 10 colors available.

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The Islamorada

The Islamorada fly reel by Saracione Manufacturing Co. is designed for the extreme; Big Bonefish, Big Permit, Big Tarpon and Giant Trevally. Each reel features a large multi-disc carbon fiber drag system, treated with fresh and saltwater impervious grease for smooth action wet or dry. The drag system is controlled during the play of a fish with a repeatable lever action control arm. The drag control is enhanced by an engraved position indicator around the circumference of the reel frame. Drag settings are strong and positive in position, and repeatable time after time during adjustment. Further drag refinement is controlled by a preset “Range Set” knob that controls the lever drag range. This knob allows you to preset the entire drag range of the lever for the precise drag settings for tippet strength prior to fighting a fish. By setting your preferred drag load setting with the lever in the (1/2) drag position the reel allows you to increase and decrease drag load during the fight; resetting each drag position and load precisely without question.

The reel features a large arbor spool with a large easy palming rim for added control, and a large counterbalanced handle knob. Each reel is labeled in the target line class specification as a designated model; #8, #10 and #12. Line specifications are listed in 20lb micron for the #8 and 30 lb micron for the #10 and #12 models. All components are made from aircraft quality 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy are anodized with a beautiful corrosion resistant finish while all other components are polished stainless steel with a black Delrin handle knob for absolute durability.

Every design feature of the Islamorada has been focused

on one single minded idea; Fighting large fast game fish.

Just compare the bearings of those found in our

competitor’s reels with the bearings in our reel. The

bearing on the right is a typical bearing found in several

of our competitors reels. The bearing on the left with the blue

rubber seal is ours. Our bearing selection is for a large

stainless steel, deep groove race, sealed ball bearing,

designed to take heavy radial and axial loads.
All components are precision machined in our shop in Sandy, Oregon. Nothing that we make is purchased or made by outside sources or made overseas. Drag washers are hand lapped to make the working surfaces perfectly flat providing ultra smooth drag performance. The multi-disc drag system provides tremendous strength and incredibly smooth performance from the first initial pull without any start-up torque to the longest sustained run. No other drag on the market compares to the performance of our Islamorada reels.
The Islamorada is available in a polished gold anodized finish and all black or all silver finishes.

Additionally we can mix and match a black spool with gold frame, or black spool with silver frame to meet

your personal color taste. Each reel features a two-tone clicker system for incoming and outing sound. All

reels are serial numbered and carry our life time warranty, and are convertible for LHW or RHW reeling.


Model #8: 4” Diameter 225 yards of 20# Micron backing with a WF8F line, weight: 10.0 oz.

Model #10: 4 ½” Diameter 250 yards of 30# Micron with a WF10F line, weight: 13.2 oz.

Model #12: 4 ½” Diameter 300 yards 30# Micron with a WF12F line, weight: 13.4 oz.


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IFTD Review

We just git back from the IFTD Trade show in Reno where we got to see and play with all the new goodies coming out in the Fly Fishing industry this and next year. Some stuff was blah…some stuff was very cool. Here are some of the things to look for in the shop very soon:


The new Circa from Sage is a step back in time to the roots of fly fishing. With almost no weight at all, the Circa is a truly new, refreshing, fun fishing rod that will be right at home for your 2 - 5 weight trout fishing.

The Approach and Response are the Vantage and Flight replacements. Light, smooth casting rods, they still remain one of, if not the best value in the industry today. US made, full warranty, and sub $400.


The new BIII-SX rods replace the BII-MX and in true Winston fashion, are truly amazing. We cast the full range and were very impressed with the whole line up. The butt became a little stiffer, the tip became a little softer. This will translate in a rod that has the power to pull fish out of cover, cast in the wind, and throw very tight loops, but will not have the fatiuge that comes with casting a fast rod all day.  No matter what species your targeting, you will find a BIII-SX to fit the bill.


Not new, but new to us. We have Buff’s on the way, and will be in stock within a couple of weeks


One of the favorite stops I made. A Waddington replacement, Flymen have come out with new shanks for intruder and stinger style flies that has filled a big hole in tying. 5 colors including: Pink, Blue, Orange-Copper, Green, and Black. 2 sizes - 25mm and 40mm. All with up turned eyes, a smaller back loop, and very hard, unlike the Waddington’s that were very soft and would bend while tying or fishing. These will be in stock very soon.


Very cool! Pro Tube continues to be on the cutting edge with very unique products coming out all the time. New sinking tubing available in different sink rates. They offer a type 3, 6, and 8. To really get down, they offer a new tungsten disk that is made for standing up material. The round dognut shape will not cut your ostrich or marabou for a long lasting fly that will get down, and move a ton of water.

Pro Marble Fox. Much like Temple Dog. Available in 24 colors. This hair gives a large profile without alot of material. Length is between 7-12cm, and you get a ton in each package.

American Opossum Patches. These will be the rabbit replacement. 12 great colors to choose from. The hair swims, and the skin is paper thin, yet very strong. Does not soak up nearly as much water as rabbit and the skin wont end up super stiff like rabbit will after it dries. This is a game changer.

They have also come out with new colors in the Ultra Sonic Disk, which we will have as well in solid and metallic colors. Look for all of this at the shop very soon.


Umpqua has released a new line of bags that has us very impressed. The Boat Bag and Deadline 3500 wet/dry backpack in were the ones that stood out to us. At first glance you can see that both were very well thought out with a great look and very functional, usable features. Big YKK zippers and zipper loops, all the zippers in the bags are designed to be opened with one hand without binding or pinching. The boat bag has secured can holders and a place to stick your barbless flies.


Hatch Pure Backing. The same O.D. as 20lb micron only in 68lb strength. Hatch has once again has risin the bar, this time in the backing world. Made of an 8 braid polyethylene microfiber, this is simply the best fly line backing available in the world today. It stays round in shape so it wont dig, and wont cut your fingers or your guides. This product will replace gel spun entirely.

Hatch also has new hats coming out for your pimping pleasure. Flat bill on the way.


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The Fishing Journal

The Fishing Journal

Though it has been awhile, my time to fish comes around again and I find myself out in the garage going thru my gear. Things to check and get packed. Looking in fly boxes and deciding that I will keep things to a minimum this time, but knowing that I will end up with more flies than I could use in a summer. I am no stranger to this routine as it is a ritual that that I have completed countless times before. It is in some ways, who I am.
It comes to me as I sort through bits and bobs that I am becoming distracted as I turn from preparing for the weekend to recalling fishing trips from the past. As I touch many of these things I understand that I am reading entries in my fishing journal. The wisest of fishers take notes and write things down in a journal. And while I know that I too should be doing this, I have found that sometimes words and pictures are inadequate to describe the thoughts and feelings that I keep with my gear. And so, while I have indeed been keeping a journal, much of it will never be written in the manner that others may read. It is living journal that I write. It is made of pictures from my mind and woven together with feelings that are difficult to put into mere words.
As I touch the yellow Pale Morning Duns I recall the person that gave them to me. I have shown them to others and they have noted the perfect color and and the heads were done just so….but I do not see this. What I see is the mist at the top of the riffles just below the twin boulders. I feel the rod bend in my hand as the reel begins to move. I see the small “V” wake of my fly line as it races through the pool.
I will be greatful for the gift of this particular fly, but not at this moment. What I feel is that I have somehow looked through a peephole into another reality. One without much of what I know to be real. There is no hunger here, nor is there food. No currency, but nothing to buy. No houses, no job. There is only myself standing in a river, rod in hand and a fish that has somehow unlocked the door to aother dimension, but for just a moment. Not much more time has passed than it takes to make a single cast, but enough that my mind takes a picture and files it away. I will view it later, and I will remember what I felt at that moment, when I have the time. The fish has not been landed, nor escaped as yet, though know it will. I have not seen its size, but the entry has already been noted in the journal. The window blinks closed but I know what I have seen. I have seen more than I can say…......
Bits of feathers wrapped on a hook from a person who took the time to craft it and give it to me in the guise of thinking that I might want to try it that day.

I should be busy getting myself ready….I have much more to do and I get distracted so easily.

J. Morgan Jones

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