Back From Alaska

3 days in Alaska with my wife, 3 hours of fishing in. The entire Anchorage area is/was on flood watch, with towns above us and below us being evacuated. The Kenai was shut down due to flooding, but we got a little time in on the Russian, which was very high and fast, but at least clear. We hooked a few, Dawna managed to hook a ‘bow in the 24” range, but once he hit the raging current, that was all she wrote. Even though we didn’t get to fish much, the landscape and glaicer views made the trip well worth it. Here are a few of the decent pics I got, plus my new friend, Mr. Bear crossing the river in front of me.


Our entrance into the Kenai Peninsula

Cook Inlet just south of Anchorage

Alyeska Highway

Dawna on the Russian freezing her ass off

6 Mile Creek in flood stage

The road to Coopers Landing


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Sage Circa Review

  As a trout fisher we bet that you recall the Sage LL and the SPL (and the SPL + also) rods from years ago. And we bet that most of you, like ourselves, bemoaned the passing of these fine rods.. There have been some nice rods built by Sage since (let’s be honest here…they do not make any BAD rods) but there had not been many that could compare favorably to those of that bygone era. No so any longer…..

Enter the CIRCA rods by SAGE. As was just mentioned, Sage does not produce any “bad” rods, but with the CIRCA they have hit one “out of the park.” Yes, they are light in hand, the color is distinctive and the appointments are very nice, but it’s the casting that we all care about first. Looks are fine for first impressions, but the real test is how well we get along if they come home with us (RODS…we are talking RODS here).  We were able to cast the CIRCAs a few weeks ago, but only for a short time. I have been fooled before by casting rods for a few minutes and then forming an opinion the did not hold up after more extensive review. Our collective opinion has only been re-enforced after further testing. These are quite the rods. Period. Cast at 20 feet, they seem to be just getting into the “sweet spot.” At 40 feet they are still feeling very nice and in the “zone”, but they are not finished. These are excellent rods at 20’-40’, but they will easily throw 70’. Honestly. I have watched the CIRCA rods being cast even further (by ALL the casters at our shop), but honesty dictates admitting that many of us will not trout fish at that extreme distance. As per usual, all of us grab a rod and throw it as far as possible regardless of the distance we normally fish at. I am guilty of this also. It’s simply one of those things we do. These rods can cast as far as you will ever need, and then some. As well as they throw a very long line (70-80’ is a LONG cast with a 3 or 4 wt rod), they cast up close even better. At a reasonable fishing distance, the CIRCA rods are impeccable by all standards. And we have not (as yet) tried other lines on these rods. We simply used what was on our “parking lot” reels at the time. The weights were correct, of course, but we are wanting to see how the Rio, Airflo, Scientific Anglers lines and so on affect the CIRCA rods.
  You may even believe that any self respecting fish would be proud to be caught with one of these CIRCA rods.

The Staff at NWFFO

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