Sage “ONE” 6126-4 Review

Okay, I want to be upfront about this from the get go, this field testing was done in the mother land!  I just spent eight days in Smithers BC where I fished one of the new Sage “One” two-handlers.  Is this fair testing grounds???  I don’t know, you’ll have to decide for yourself.

I fished my new 12’6” six weight for seven days straight.  Don’t worry, I had my trusty Winston’s in the boat with me as well.  In fact I brought eight rods.  One of which was another new 6126-4 from another manufacter, this rod didn’t even get wet, as two of the snake guides broke off while putting the rod together. Guess we won’t be stocking those…..

When Sage first started shipping the “One” two-handers the 6126 was the first to arrive.  The wiggle test proved to be exciting, at least as exciting as wiggling a rod could get. In the shop it felt light and responsive and I was quite anxious to get this rod on the water.  I had ordered the Demos back in April when we were first told about them, and the rods showed up the first week of October.  That’s how it goes with new demos, we are always put on the back of the list.

Okay, I’m getting side tracked, I get it.  So how did it fish?  The rod is light in the hand, loads nice and deep with the 450 gr. Skagit compact switch head and 12’ of T11, yet still feels crisp.  It has excellent loop control and handles fish very well.  Oh, there were a couple of fish that might not of “got away” if I had been fishing a 13 ish 7wt, but we’ll never know.  I just couldn’t put the six down.  This rod was a blast to fish, and treated my rotator cuff very well.

So what’s the down side you might ask???  If I had to give it any knocks, it would be cork diameter.  The folks at Sage have a definite bias towards big corks.  I don’t understand their reasoning, I’m sure they have one, but I prefer smaller cork diameter.  It isn’t so big that it caused any issues, I just don’t see the point.

All in all, I flat loved the rod!  Next time I will have a tough decision to make, Sage or Winston 6126?  Oh hell, you know me, I’ll take em all.


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Ben Scores Big

Ben Carr lands his first steelie on the Lower Deschutes, and what a hell of a first fish it is. Now all the rest will seem small.

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Canada Steelhead update

Jack and company are on their 3rd day of fishing the Bulkley and Maurice river out of an 8 day trip. On day two they have landed 21 steelhead out of around 30 hooked.

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