Deschutes Spring

It’s hard to get better than the Deschutes in April. The weather is perfect, the river is almost entirely yours, and the trout are eating all day. I hit it Sunday, starting around 9 and getting off close to dark. After a winter of steelheading it was a nice change of pace being back on a trout stream, looking up and down river and not seeing a soul in sight. All and all, the fishing was great. The fish are starting to move out of the slow water and nose into some of the deeper riffles and seams, and every spot I stopped gave up a few nice 12”-16” fish. As I expected, stone nymphs fished deep, were the name of the game, but a few of the bigger fish came on #16 king princes and #14 pheasant tails. No hatches to speak of, but there were some caddis in the bushes, so after this week of warm weather, I would expect some surface action coming up soon.

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