Winstons Newest Look

R.L. Winstons new Nexus Proves it can hold it’s own

When we first heard that the GVX Select was going away we were pretty bummed and skeptical. We all grew to love the smooth reliable action from Winstons “mid range” rod, and at $550 we considered the GVX to be the best bang for the buck rod on the market, which it was. Now enter the Nexus. First off, Winston stepped out of the deep green color scheme and went to black. My first impressions were love at first sight. Actually, the more I look at these rods, the more the black appeals to me. As always, the fit and finish on Winston rods is nothing short of perfect, and these rods are no exception.

I now have a couple months fishing and guiding with these rods, both in my hands and clients hands. and I feel that I’ve spent enough time with them to give an accurate and honest report. In short, they absolutely kick complete ass. Light, responsive, tough, and versatile, not to mention the came down $50 from the GVX Select. While the Nexus is considered by Winston to be a fast rod (and it is a bit faster than the GVX), by most of todays fast rod comparisons, to me they are a true moderate, and I think that’s a very good thing. When we’re talking ease of casting, mending, and total on the water control, a moderate rod will almost always out perform a fast rod, and for all day fishing, the moderate rod will better on your shoulder and wrist. Where I notice the stiffness increase in this rod is exactly where I felt the GVX Select needed more, right in the butt up to a foot or so above the cork. While it’s not always a big deal for fighting fish, when you do get a pig on board, the extra power is very welcome.

All and All, the Nexus has easily taken the top spot for best bang for the buck, and in all actuality, they could charge another $150 and it would still be a deal. 

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