SWWA Summer Steelhead

We are having some decent days up in SW Washington. The fish have been spread out, be we seem to be finding a couple most days. All the fish have been dime bright and have really been putting on a show once hooked. This little girl made about 6 cartwheels upstream before finally calming down enough to be landed.

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Deschutes Still Kickin’

First time out fly fishing and first fish in hand, the Deschutes Redsides didn’t stand a chance. Anna attacked the river like a pro and showed us how it’s done, continuing to hook fish the rest of the day. Congrats!!

The Deschutes is still putting out good numbers of fish. The big bugs are making early afternoon to late evening flights and the fish are looking up. We will say, the later you stay, the better the fishing. the last hour and a half of the day has been light out. With the water lower than normal this year, we’re finding fish a little further out in the river than other years on dries. Fishing the banks is still producing fish, but don’t be afraid to fling that bug mid river a few times. Make sure to switch up often if fish aren’t responding to your fly. Often the color of choice can change from day to day or even hour. 

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Steelhead Fishing Heating Up

Summer Runs are showing up in fairly good numbers and we’re getting fish with some regularity now. As the week goes on and the river drop the fishing should get better in the classic summer runs spots. Here is 1 of 3 landed in Jasons boat Sunday.

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Summer Fish Are Showing up

Hot off the Clack this morning,  Nick Rowell and company hit 2 fish and landed this beauity. This is great to see, as May can offer some of the best summer steelheading the vally has to offer. They are bright and full of fight!

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Deschutes Spring

It’s hard to get better than the Deschutes in April. The weather is perfect, the river is almost entirely yours, and the trout are eating all day. I hit it Sunday, starting around 9 and getting off close to dark. After a winter of steelheading it was a nice change of pace being back on a trout stream, looking up and down river and not seeing a soul in sight. All and all, the fishing was great. The fish are starting to move out of the slow water and nose into some of the deeper riffles and seams, and every spot I stopped gave up a few nice 12”-16” fish. As I expected, stone nymphs fished deep, were the name of the game, but a few of the bigger fish came on #16 king princes and #14 pheasant tails. No hatches to speak of, but there were some caddis in the bushes, so after this week of warm weather, I would expect some surface action coming up soon.

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Sandy Chrome

Spring Bling!
Ted Neely has been on the Sandy mining for chrome and finding plenty of it. March and April are great months to be out on the east side, and usually we will find some overlap between late winters and early summers. To contact Ted for a trip visit his web site: http://www.tedsflyfishing.com/index.php

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After The Long Wait

It’s been a long 3 weeks waiting for the rivers to rise, then drop. Sunday was finally the day it all came together again. The steelhead gods rewarded our patience with this beauity. After a couple came un-pinned, Here, Keefer holds the perfect winter steelhead on a trip out with Jason.

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Test Day Up North

Ran a day up north with my buddy Jeff to see if any fish were around before I start my season up there for the rest of winter. The results are in.

We found some really…really nice fish to play along.

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The Sputnik, Using Pro Tube

Tube: Pro Nano Tube Type 4 w/ Large Pro Hookguide
Thread - Veevus 10/0
Dubbing - Salar SSS Mikkeli Blue
Rear Hackle (Top)- Thin Ostrich Herl
Rear Hackle (Middle)- Golden Pheasant Tippit
Rear Hackle (Bottom)- Artic Fox
Rear Flash - DNA Holofusion
Rib - Wire, Size Brassie
Body - Mirage Opal Tinsel, Large
Body Hackle - Strung Saddle
Weight - Pro Tungsten Raw Weight
Overweight - Pro Soft Sonic Disk
Front Hackle (Bottom)- Artic Fox
Front Hackle (Middle)- Ostrich Herl
Front Hackle (Top)- Spey Marabou
Wing - Pro Finn Raccoon
Flash - Angel Hair
Topping Flash - Crinkle Mirror Flash
Last Step - Schlappin
Eyes - Pro Jungle Cock HD


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Autumn Leaves

Autumn leaves Seem to form a golden canopy over the tracks and the little bit of remaining light makes the scene glow. There are no paints, tints or sprays that can make this spot look the same. It is a surrealistic place. The rail tracks come from around a bend, shoot straight a small distance and turn to disappear , almost making it like an artist’s scene.  The roadway follows the tracks and the tracks follow the stream, as do I. The same leaves cover the track bed and the path next to the stream and it looks like someone has spent some great amount of time in decorating this to look exactly right. And in a sense, someone has.  For whatever reason, nature has provided the canvas and the weather is of course the brush,  and mixed with time, it conspires to show you a scene that you will recall for many years to come. One of those pictures in the heart that gives a tug each time you recall it…..
  The stream flows so quietly that it looks motionless for much of the length that I can see.  Almost every nook and cranny that can hold a red or gold leaf does, exactly like the snow that is yet come this season. The heart of winter has yet to visit, and there are still some good days to be lived this season, but Old Man Winter will come soon.
  I stand quietly, part of me thinking that the light as well as the time is fading and I should not be squandering either, but the other part of me knows that this could never be a waste.  Indeed, it adds to the bounty that I already have. I have yet to set foot into the stream, but I am able to see my line unrolling across this wide pool below me and laying quietly across the unseen current, its length somehow connecting me to the water and the fish and, well… I guess, everything.
  Much of the time I cannot help but to dissect the watery habitat, looking for the most likely places that a fish might lay. I know the fish wants rest, food and cover. It is second nature to do this, but I cannot say if it is something that I have taught myself or if it is connected to “mankind as a predator”. But it does happen… and it happens without conscious thought.  And as I ponder this I realize that sometimes I take from the stream, and sometimes I simply take the stream itself.
  There are times, like this one, that being here is enough. Fishing should not be about the numbers, and there are rare times that it is not even about the fishing.  The river can cleanse you, but you must allow it to do so…..

J. Morgan Jones

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What 7’ of water looks like

Here are some before and after shots of the flooding we just had. All in all, this river came up just about 9’ from where it was before the flood. Luckly everything is pretty much back in shape and fishing great.

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Tying the Coal Car XL

Bruce’s Summer Hottie

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Bruce Berry’s Blowout Tube

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Finn Raccoon in stonck now

New Finn Raccoon from Prosportfisher is on the self. This is the nicest hair we have ever seen. Huge patches of long, full, dense hair. You will get a ton of flies out of each patch.

Videos of Finn in action coming very soon

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Beulah 4/5 Switch

you keep selling me these great catch-em-on-the-first-cast rods …
Here’s the result of first cast in Maine (Damariscotta Lake), of my Beulah 4/5 switch rod - on a Dahlberg diver.
Not a huge smallie for the area, but a great surface take, & a nice aerial fish.

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