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January Water Level Report

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A couple days up north

So I finely made it to the OP! Its hard to think that I have been fishing hard for 15 years now, and have never made it to the Hoh, even when I lived in Seattle.
My Dads plane landed at Sea-Tac about 8:30 Thursday evening. Figuring I-5 would be all clear, I left Vancouver at 4:00 to meet him at his house in Gig Harbor with time to spare. What I didn’t figure on was Olympia in absolute melt down panic mode. To be fair, there was lots of Ice on the freeway, but seriously, an hour and a half to drive 5 miles? Anyway, I got to Dads, he arrived around 9:30, by 10:00 we were off to Forks. Around 1:30 in the morning we arrived at the lodge, threw our stuff down and hit the bed hoping to get as much sleep as possible before out 6:30 wake up call.
Six thirty came QUICK! We put on our 30 layers, ate breakfast and were off to meet out guide at the Thriftway, which I would guess was the biggest structure within 100 miles. A short 15 min. drive to the put in and we were off fishing. Now, to give a litte overview on the weather, we fished Friday, Thursday night the river dropped 10 inches and about 10 degrees and cleared to about 3’ viz. Within 10 minutes of casting we were breaking ice out of our guides and the snot had frozen to the end of our noses. It had been a long time since I’ve fished in this cold of weather.
The fishing was tough to say the least. The week before we got there everyone was having banner days. Today, not even the bobber doggers with thier roe were able to hook up. We threw our glo bugs to all the fishy water in transit to the swinging runs. No grabs to speak of. About half way down the float, 1000 casts into the day, my bobber shot up stream, I lifted the rod slightly, and had my first and only shot at a Hoh River Steelhead. Two head shakes later, it was gone. The surprising thing is that I wasn’t too upset about the loss. Sure, it always sucks to loose a fish, but…...I just lost a fish on the Hoh. Not a river I fish all the time, not the Sandy, not the Kalama, not the Deschutes, I was on the mutha effin’ Hoh!!
For 2 days we fished, and froze our asses off. For 2 days we went fishless, and I can’t wait to do it again. There are some places in the world that leave you in a state of wonder, that actually fill your thoughts more after you leave than before you showed up. There are also those people that you fish with that can make the whole trip. I was fortunate enough to have both. Fishing with my Dad is always special, the fact that it was on one of the most legendary steelhead streams in the world was the icing on the cake.
The biggest of all thanks to my pops for such an awsome weekend.

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It’s the Little things

For the last month I have been playing with switch rod nymph lines on a few smaller steelhead streams within an hour or so of Portland. I remember fishing all these when I was a youngster, and I remember having a lot of fun, but as I got older I just assumed that the reason I was having so much fun was solely because of my youth, and not because small stream stealheading itself was alot of fun. Well… I was wrong. I have been having a blast rock hopping, scouting, and fishing all the same little seams and plunge pools I fished 15 years ago. I did forget about all the climbing around rock cliff walls, blackberry dodging, sudden drop offs, and slippery moss everywhere, but what seems to be a royal pain in the ass now becomes part of the full enjoyment of the day later. Small streams just seem to offer something that nothing else does. I’m not sure I even know what it is or how to describe it to do the feeling any justice. My best attempt is intimacy and solitude. I do love the big rivers, hell, I pretty much love all rivers, but small streams have that way of wearing you out. Evey once in a while it just feels good to get completely wiped out from a day of hard fishing.

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