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2015 Xtreme Indicator Review

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Sleeping Pills, Laxatives and Casting

How to tie flies – interesting. How to fish for steelhead – pretty cool. That is what we have experienced at Saturday in the Loft so far. What to know about fly rods – welllllll OK. Maybe not too interesting, but I attended last weekend anyway.

Boy, I miscalculated. And I think folks who didn’t show up did the same.  Tim Rajeff made a fantastic presentation.  He broke a bunch of rod tips (which was impressive in itself) in explaining what rod builders had to anticipate when rolling carbon fabrics on mandrills and what they try to do to avoid breakage. He illustrated what makes a fast rod, a medium rod and a slow rod.  And he thoroughly debunked the notion that we all should be buying fast action hardware.

If you are looking for a trout rod and can only afford one, then get a 9’-0”, 5-weight – right? WRONG. (Unfortunately, 70% of the rods sold brandish this specification) And the same goes for steelhead rods – 13’-0’’ 7/8-weight two-hander.  We all have different builds. We have unique casts.  And we fish differently. Tim advises that before we buy we consider our styles, get advice from people in the know (we can’t do that over the internet) and try several rods until we come across one that fits us.

The same goes for fly lines.  Tim had us cast the same model 5-weight rods with three different line weights (4, 5 and 6-weight). Two of us preferred the 4-weight. Three preferred the 5-weight. Three preferred the 6-weight. MORAL: Cast several (meaning many) lines with your rod before you decide which works best. And, cast to distances you typically fish. Casting across a football field won’t give you a sense of how a line will perform on the water. Purchase the one that loads your rod best for you. (Again, you can’t do this over the internet.)

Lastly, Tim gave us a great casting lesson. On parking lot asphalt, he diagramed how a cast should look and then showed us how to throw a healthy loop. He also showed us how to double haul to increase our line speed (1 mph sends the line 1 foot) and said, “Go to the mirror and practice, practice, practice.”

Tim’s two principles:  “Never take a sleeping pill and a laxative at the same time.” And, “ Increase your power to the rod at the end of your cast.” I won’t try to explain these here. All I will say is if you get a chance to hear Tim Rajeff, TAKE IT. He will detail these principles for you in beautiful, understandable, useful fashion.

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