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Deschutes Winter Trout Report

Its been a while since we talked about trout around here. From late November to early April around here it’s easy to get tunnel vision on winter steelheading. So, to change it up a bit and get a little refreshed, here you go…A late Janurary trout report.
The Deschutes has been fishing great. Big, healthy, fat rainbows, some up in the 17” range have been brought to hand. Most of the fish, as to be expected, have been hooked in the slower seams, back eddies, and right off the bank. The river has been running a little high, but that shouldn’t put you off. In truth, around 6000 cfs out of Pelton is my favorite level to fish the “D”. It will bring the fish right into the banks where they stack up and are easy to get to.

As for fly selection, our best over all has been a Rubber Jimmy Legs in both size 6 and 8. Any color, doesn’t seem to matter. trail a small (16 or 18) pheasant tail, lightning bug, or copper john off the back end and your set. There are a ton of white fish eggs on the bottom of the river at the moment, so don’t be without a few small egg patterns, and as always in the winter, bring your san juan worms. If the river comes up even more, worms will be very important to have. BWO’s are popping off here and there. Look for them in back eddies from 11-3, and expect to see a couple gulpers. 

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Deschutes Fall Trout Fishing

Last week I had the pleasure to guide a couple from Japan for 3 days of fall trout fishing on the “D”. They flew all the way from Tokyo to fish the famous Deschutes River. I forget sometimes how lucky we are to have such a gem only 2 hours away.
There is great trout fishing to be had over there right now. We only hooked a couple fish under 14” in 3 days, and had consistant action for the entire time. Dries in the mornings and evenings, October caddis pupa and small nymphs mid day, although Jimmy’s had some play in some of the deep holes.  Caddis once again had the most action in the low light hours. Tan pupas, tan sub-mergers, and tan edbile emergers size 14 and 16.  If your going over, it would be a good idea to pick up a brown marker and color some of the size 16’s dark brown. We also ended up hooking 4 steelies, one of which on a size 14 caddis soft hackle on the swing. It was a great trip, can’t wait to get back!  **A couple tying videos of a the hot flies are on the way ASAP** 

A pleasant suprise in the middle of great trout action


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Eric and his chubby…..chernobyl!

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The “guide” learns a thing or two


A shot of the Deschutes on Sunday. 7700 cfs, 4’ viz, and the most fish caught on dries since last June. I was all geared up with San Juan’s and size 8 princes, and the Deschutes trout trump my plans once again.

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Rough, tough water

As I went to the shop for Saturday in the Loft, I noticed Jack Lynch counting feathers, hair and hooks. I asked, “Been fishing lately?” He said, “No. Supposed to down pour tomorrow. I’ll go Tuesday through Friday.” I asked him if I could meet him Thursday.  He replied, “If I don’t go I’ll call. Otherwise, see you there.”

No call and Thursday came. I checked river levels –the gauge topped at 8600 (I learned it was 14,500), blown, hmmmm. I put rods, reels and gear in my Volvo and drove over the mountain.

I reached the river, and turned North. I saw a black Chevy truck and two guys wading below. I stopped to watch. One said he hooked three. The other was still trying.

Back to my car, I continued downstream. I saw a parked, dark Hundai SUV. A solitary fisherman cast every minute or so. His rod suddenly dipped. I moved on watching the river – choppy, muddy green, lots of white spray. A few miles and I returned to the fisherman. “How’s your luck?” I asked. His head emerged from a black hoody. ”The last couple of days were great.” It was Jack. I was a bit relieved. I wasn’t sure what vehicle he drove.

“Ok,” he said, “They’re taking these, and nothing else.”  He handed me three flies. “Try fishing there.” I rigged up. Thirty minutes later, I lost a fish. Jack picked up three.  We split. Jack waded down. I waded up.  I picked up a couple of rainbows, lost a couple and caught a large white fish. I walked down to Jack. “Where were you when I needed you?” He reached for his camera and pointed the screen at me. “Big fish,” I blurted. “Yup,” he said, “Steelhead.” He pointed to the water. “Five pounds. Laying with the trout. Wasn’t sure I’d get him in.”

We tried other spots. Jack caught a couple of more. At our last spot, Jack cast out. I heard him yell, “Hey,” and chuckled, “Ohhhh, lost him.” I cast a few times - fish on. I landed a buffalo-shaped rainbow – last fish of the day.

I haven’t fished in January for a while. Thursday assured me trout still eat in tough conditions, with colored water, rough and very high.

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Now booking for Salmonfly Deschutes trips!

We are already getting calls for guided trips for the upcoming Salmonfly hatch on the Deschutes. Last year we had some epic days on the water, this year we are expecting the same. Book early to ensure the best dates. Day trips and Camp trips are both available.


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