???Bass Masters???

Okay, right off the bat, let’s get the spitting of the feathers out of the way.  I have relentlessly teased many of my friends for bass fishing for so long, I can’t remember.  My reasoning was, with so many Steelhead and Trout streams nearby, why waste time fishing for a bass.

I was wrong…………  I fully admit it!!!  Damn it, I hate being wrong!!!  This bass fishing is really fun.  The best part, it is a relatively small time commitment.  You don’t have to (even though you could) drive two hours to find a willing bass.  The Willamette and Columbia are full of them, as well as many lakes and ponds in the metro area.

It all started about 18 months ago.  For years I’ve been telling my beautiful wife Polli that I was going to buy a motorcycle for my 40th birthday.  Kind of a pre-planned mid life crisis. Well, as my 40th loomed, I realized that I probably don’t belong on a street bike.  They demand a high level of concentration and coordination that I simply do not possess.  Those of you who have been passengers in the truck with me, will totally understand this.

Once Finn came along my frequency of fishing trips kinda took a nose dive, I know, big shocker there.  Now, I’m not complaining mind you.  I count myself a blessed and lucky man to have such a wonderful wife and son.  I wouldn’t trade either of them for all the fish swimmin’, but, but, a guy’s got still gotta fish, right?

So I conjured up the idea that I would scrap the bike and get a small, used, cheap sled.  I could drop Finn off at school and be on the Clack in less than a half hour ☺☺☺  Quick, Easy, Great Idea!!!

Except, have you seen the price of used sleds???  OUCH!  So now it’s time for plan “B”.  I need a partner……  Oh Dad.  So I talk dad into going in halvesies with me.  But this backfires rather quickly as he’s not so hip to a sled and a pump☹☹☹  He wants’ a boat he can fish out of.  So long story, not short enough, we end up buying a 08’ Tracker Bass boat in June for about half the money of a decent used sled and I’m loving it!  Now I can be on the Willamette in Oregon City in less than 10 minutes from Finn’s school.

So, I’m no master, not by a long shot, but I’m having a hell of a good time learning a new fishery.  The water from the Falls in O.C. to Sellwood is full of awesome bass habitat.  The perfect place for an 18’ Bass Tracker equipped with a couple of SAGE Tournament Bass fly rods.  Obviously, there’s not much time left in 2010 for Bass fishing.  So stay tuned, next spring I hope to have more to report.

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#1. Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on October 06, 2010

All these years, being called Trash Man.  Amazing what revelations can occur, even in the young.

Happy trashing

#2. Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on October 06, 2010

“Trash Man” was a title of a respectful nature!!!

#3. Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on November 27, 2010

Nice to have miles of river to yourself isn’t it????

  glad to see someone in the local fly fishing industry is taking Oregon’s best quality fishery seriously…
think Celilo pool in early September as the shad fry emerge and out migrate.  Fishing can be insanely good if the wind isn’t blowing..





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