Deschutes Still Kickin’

First time out fly fishing and first fish in hand, the Deschutes Redsides didn’t stand a chance. Anna attacked the river like a pro and showed us how it’s done, continuing to hook fish the rest of the day. Congrats!!

The Deschutes is still putting out good numbers of fish. The big bugs are making early afternoon to late evening flights and the fish are looking up. We will say, the later you stay, the better the fishing. the last hour and a half of the day has been light out. With the water lower than normal this year, we’re finding fish a little further out in the river than other years on dries. Fishing the banks is still producing fish, but don’t be afraid to fling that bug mid river a few times. Make sure to switch up often if fish aren’t responding to your fly. Often the color of choice can change from day to day or even hour. 

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