Introducing Blayke Jones

Blayke Jones

    As odd as it might seem for a fly shop, we are now a sponsor of Blayke Jones, and avid 7 year old motorcycle racer. You can find him most Thursday nights at Portland International Raceway at Thursday Night MX.  Blayke is an easygoing, usually quiet young man that has recently discovered racing a motorcycle is exactly why he was put on this earth. . While Blayke is not the fastest person in his class (yet), we don’t think anybody could enjoy it more. This is, of course, the highlight of his life and he is quite an enthusiastic competitor.
  Why would a fly fishing shop sponsor a motorcross racer? It’s like swinging for a steelhead or casting a dry fly to a rising trout. It’s about feeling good.  He (like most kids) deserves to have someone standing behind them simply helping out, and, well, it feels good to do just that.
Thanks for letting us help, Blayke

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