The Flyshop

Ah, the fly shop. Most of us have good memories of the local fly shop, and, perhaps a few near some of our fishing destinations. We have been in shops that are well appointed with oak trim, paneled walls, tight woven wool carpets and displays that were built to be part of a retail marketing system. And we have been to those that simply have everything on display in a sort of organized chaos theme. Most of the tying tools are centrally located, except those that did not fit so they are over there instead. Might be a few dogs around either type of shop, cuz dogs just, well, fit.
In an age of internet shopping there might be those that now rarely set foot in a fly shop. Everything they buy is but a click and two days away. No parking, no dealing with the folks that work at fly shops, never bumping into someone else while looking thru the fly bins.
Perhaps it’s my age, but I like going to the fly shop where I live. It smells like coffee there, and it sounds like people who fish are talking. Countless times I hear someone say “I was just there! We were using this little red fly like this one here. Even Fred was catching fish, but he was using this green thing….”
Perhaps one of the dogs wanders up and licks your hand and sits down next to you. He really does not care that you are finally going to step up and get new waders, he only cares that you have not petted him yet. And the odd thing is that very few people seem to care about the interruption. There is something nice about the dog picking YOU for getting attention.
Your local shop is a resource that connects you to your passion for fishing or fly tying. Places to fish, casting tips or formal lessons. River conditions, environmental issues and the fact that a fish was caught just this morning in the local area using a green and yellow Intruder behind 12’ of T-11. It’s a place where memories start. A place where information flows both directions all day. Friends meet here, and sometimes friends are made here. It’s one of those places that the human touch seems to make it better.


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