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The Clackamas River situated on the Southeast side of Portland Metro area, is a tailwater fishery that is home to trout, steelhead, coho salmon, spring chinook, and fall chinook.  A true gem, the Clack has steelhead in it 365 days a year.  


Trout fishing can be fantastic in the summer months with lots of catching going on.  Most of the trout will run in the 7 to 9" range with the occasional fish in the teens.  3 and 4 weight rods are the perfect tool for fishing dries and soft hackles to these very willing participants.  In July and August, when the trout fishing is at it's best we typically run half day trips in the morning.  With the rivers close proximity to Portland, the afternoons on the river are filled with the locals rafting, tubing, and swimming.  

The November rains will bring the first runs of chrome bright winter steelhead to the stream.  The winter runs will peak in March and soon be followed by the summer runs which peak in June.

Though we don't typically target salmon, the Spring chinook runs will correspond with the summer run of steelhead, and we do hook them fairly often while chasing steel.  Due to the rivers size and long wide runs, we will swing flies with two-handed spey rods.  Never cast a spey?  No worries, your guide will get you up and running right out of the gate.  You'll cast further and easier than you ever thought possible.

Don’t have enough time for a day of fishing, consider taking a spey casting lesson. Two hours of one on one instruction with our top notch guides and instructors.


  • Full day float Trip: $550.00 for one or two anglers.

  • Half day float trip: $400.00 for one or two anglers.

  • 2-hour private "Spey" casting lesson: $200.00.

The Clackamas River

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