Jeff Janoff

Jeff Janoff, son of Ken Janoff, has begun contributing to NWFFO with content creation, ideas, photography, and videography.  We are excited to have his absolute talent.  We will be updating his bio shortly and just wrapped up his interview so you can get to know him, you will be seeing a lot of his work around these parts!
Jeff, like his dad, is an avid adventurer and fly fisher and we can't think of a better team member to help in this way!
Janoffotography Website
Getting to Know Jeff
Q:  How long have you been shooting photos/videos?
A:  I have been shooting photos and videos for over 20 years!

Q:  What inspired you to venture into the field of photography and videography?
A:  Growing up I was obsessed with National Geographic photography, Jane Goodall nature documentaries, and behind-the-scenes of movies (as well as the bloopers).

Q:  You clearly have an amazing portfolio of work (I will insert a link here) which includes fly fishing and nature, what is your most memorable nature or fly fishing photo shoot?
A:  In 2018/2019 I joined my friend at the Kota Foundation for Elephants as their photographer/videographer on trips to Africa to document The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust which operates an orphan elephant rescue and wildlife rehabilitation program in Kenya.

We know you love to fly fish, what has inspired you to fly fish above other forms of fishing?
A:  I always loved fishing growing up but the feeling of catching a fish on a fly that I tied myself got me hooked.

Q:  What is your favorite species to chase as a fly fisher?
A:  Wild high-mountain stream Brook trout on a 4wt with tiny Parachute Adams.

Q:  If you could give advice to someone just starting into fly fishing, what advice would you give them?  (Besides shopping at NWFFO of course)
A:  You will only catch a fish if your fly is in or on the water.

Q:  If you could travel to one place to fly fish, where would it be, and for what species of fish?
A:  Seychelles for Giant Trevally.

Do you tie your own flies, and if so, what is your favorite fly to tie?
A:  I do tie flies and my favorite to tie is a little rainbow streamer (I use some of my girlfriend's dog, Oliver's hair).

Q:  What is your most memorable fly fishing trip?
A:  Backpacking to Marion Lake with my Dad, brother, and nephew - three generations of Janoffs! 

What is your most memorable fish caught on a fly rod?
A:  My first Bonefish caught in the Bahamas.

Q:  Conversely, what is the most memorable fish you ever lost on a fly rod?
A:  A Steelhead on the Klickitat right at the boat.