NWFFO Affiliate Partner Program

Become An Affiliate Partner

Helping Each Other Help Others

You have worked hard to build your brand just like Northwest Flyfishing Outfitters has done for the last thirty years. We believe in life all things come down to great relationships and we are looking to partner with people who love fly fishing and love helping others.
When you join our affiliate program you are referring your followers and subscribers to a business whose number one goal is to help people chase their passion to fly fish no matter if they are a beginner, novice, intermediate, or professional.
Your referrals will help us gain even greater traction in the marketplace so we can help more people than ever chase their paradise.
How It Works
  1. Express interest in our Affiliate Program
  2. Send us links to your blog and/or social media channels so we can review them (we want to pair with people who fit our culture and vision of customer service)
  3. We provide you with an affiliate program link
  4. Place the link in your bio across all platforms
  5. Do what you normally do to promote fly fishing with blogs, posts, updates, etc...and use affiliate l where appropriate
  6. When appropriate NWFFO will supply products for you to test and review (some will be given to affiliate partners, and some will be asked to be returned)
  7. As your audience or followers trust you they will click on your referral links much in the same way when we refer friends and family to a business
  8. Audience members and followers follow the link to the NWFFO site through a custom and trackable process
  9. As audience members, followers, and friends buy from your affiliate link you accrue 5% of all purchases
  10. Monthly totals are tabulated automatically through your custom affiliate program link
  11. Monthly "commission" checks are sent directly to our affiliate partners

It really is that simple.  Life, whether it be business or personal, is all about seeking the win/win.  With our Affiliate Partner Program, this is a win/win/win.

Clients Win - They are buying products from a trusted referral partner.  Everything we do as a business in-store and online is centered around our clients' needs and we are rapidly improving, enhancing, and providing the best service.

You Win - You earn pay for simply reviewing, referring, and doing what you do best...being an influencer

We Win - We grow our client base and we get to show people a better way to chase this passion we all share

Email us at nwffo@flyshopnw.com or call us at (503) 252-1529.
Thank you for considering being an affiliate partner with NWFFO!