Owen Hunt

Fly fishing is a multi-generational hobby that brings the young and "a little older" together, but one this we all embrace is a passion for chasing fish.  Owen is no different and has spent time in many states chasing trout in rivers and streams.  Introduced to fly fishing at a very young age we asked him what he loves most, and he answered:

"I fly fish because of the rush I feel when I hook into a good trout. I love the mountains and getting away from everything, sneaking up on a big fish, and watching it take a dry fly. Outsmarting trout on a small remote creek that you’ve bushwhacked is what I probably enjoy the most.

Small mountain creeks are my favorite place to fish, but I’ll jump in any bigger river with fish with the same enthusiasm. I love fishing for trout in particular, figuring out what pattern to use, getting the presentation right, and the ZIP of a solid hook set."

We are proud to be a shop embracing those who love this sport and believe we are helping not only secure the future of fly fishing, but also conservation of our beautiful state.