3 Plus Large Arbor Hatch Iconic Fly Reel
  • 3 Plus Large Arbor Hatch Iconic Fly Reel

    NEW LOOK: The Iconic Reel retains the now ‘Iconic’Hatch window pattern with 6 fins, recalling the original Finatic model. Instantly identifiable and classic, the Hatch look is simply Iconic. However, we were due for a style upgrade that can be seen in the shape of our drag knob - which brings depth - and our ‘H’ brand logo. We now use a bright dip finishing that brings out the shine of the ma-chined parts while also keeping the strong coloring of matte an-odize


    MACHINED REEL SEAT: We were the first and now one of the only reel manufacturers to make the reel body out of one piece. It is an expen-sive way to produce the reel but has the advantage of never having a reel seat loosen up due to galvanic corrosion. For the Iconic, we have reshaped the reel seat for a more contemporary look.


    NEW HANDLE/COUNTERWEIGHT: Our new handle design significantly reduces the risk of galvanic corrosion. While we have retained the aluminum handle, it now has a softer look and feel.


    NEW SPOOL NUT: New look, similar function, but with a big improve-ment. On the Iconic we have implemented a one piece design in order to prevent pieces from coming apart.


    NEW SPOOL DESIGN: In many ways, the Iconic spool is similar to previ-ous models, but with a few key differences. We have ported the spool arbor which will allow lines to dry better on the reel after use - think of it as ventilation. We have also cut aesthetic holes into the Mid Arbor spools, making it much simpler than before to distinguish between a large and mid arbor.


    IMPROVED SEALING: Through better design and concentricity, we have increased sealing by eliminating water entry points through subtracting superfluous components from past models.


    IMPROVED STABILITY: The Iconic reel does not utilize a cassette to house the drag system as in past models - in-stead, it is now built into the body. This has decreased axial runout which creates a more stable and solid design. 


    NEW DRAG MATERIAL: Our new carbon-filled drag material not only dissipates heat faster but also creates a smooth-er feel. This is our smoothest drag system to date.


    The Hatch Iconic is not backwards compatible with original Hatch Pulse, Typhoon, Monsoon, Finatic or Finatic G2 reels.