The MFC Steelhead Showdown

Mark your calendars!
December 5th we will have the top 3 Montana Fly Company Steelhead tiers here for a tie-off and the winner will be chosen by you! Bruce Berry, Nick Rowell, & Travis Johnson are at the top of the winter Steelhead game in the Pacific northwest and have some of the most effective patterns available through MFC. Here’s the break down

*All winter Steelhead Flies
*We will have 2 categories, which will be told to each 3 days before the contest to give them time to get materials together.
*They will tie one tube and one shanked fly in each category.
*Voting will be open from December 5th - January 5th 2015
*Voting can be done in person at the shop or online via Facebook and/or email.
*only one vote per person per category will be allowed.
*The tier with the most accumulative votes wins.

Everyone who votes will get entered into a drawing to win all the flies in a custom Finn Utility wallet. More details to follow.

Fall Salmon

Coho are just starting to nose into our local rivers. They’re late this year, but then again, everything’s been late this year. Once we get some good rain, the rivers will be loaded, but there are enough around now to target in a few rivers.

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Tying Euro Scandi Flies For Steelhead

Classic Euro Hairwings Are A Perfect Match For PNW Steelhead


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Sprout Mahogany

Fly Of The Month

Our October - mid November pick this time is Brooks Mahogany Sprout. This is far and away one of the all time best mayfly emerger patterns out there, and now is the time for the little brown mayflies.

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