Favorite time of year...

    I love this time of year!  Reports are coming in from all over the state and the reports are great.  Eric and Zach are now finished guiding the Salmon fly hatch and they had a darn good season.  Both of them have run numerous trips on the lower McKenzie as well and can’t wait to get back.  The Crooked is fishing fair to good with lots of caddis hatching.  We should be seeing the green drakes on the Metolius anytime now.  Streamer fishing for browns on the Middle Deschutes has been going quite well for those who put the time in.  The upper Clack and Santiam’s are still fishing on the slow side but should be fired up by the end of the month.
    Mt. Hood lakes are crushing it!  Reports of good hold over fish abound.  Now is the time to start tying your Hex flies as we are just a couple weeks from natures largest yellow mayfly.  Lost (Mt. Hood,) Timothy, Clear, and Merrill lakes are all good Hex fisheries.  We’ve been told that you can’t get into Laurence Lake this year due to the road being out but have not been able to confirm this.  Everyone knows to bring buggers, damsels, calibaetis, and midges, but don’t leave home without a handful of ants and termites.  Fish these along the tree lined shore and I dare you not to smile…

    We should be seeing some summer runs soon on the Klickitat and we’re just a few weeks from what most consider the start of the Deschute’s steelhead season.  Fish counts over Willamette falls are really good.  Might be worth your while to head south to the Santiam’s and McKenzie for some summer steel.
  Lest we forget our often under valued warm water fisheries.  Bass fishing has been slow to fantastic depending on the report.  This is a great local fishery when you have just 2-3 hours to fish in the evening.  Come on in and we’ll get you headed in the right direction.  John Day reports are good to great.  Carping has been hit and miss but will certainly pick up as the weather warms.

Well, there you go, it’s time to fish.  Hope to see you on the water.

Sasquatch Hoodies and Decals

At last the Hoodies have arrived and they turned out awesome!  You can find both the hoodies and decals in our on-line store.

Our trout Schools are already filling quickly!!!

Last year saw an unprecedented enrollment in our beginning trout schools.  We were jumping through hoops trying to add dates to keep up with the demand.  So this year we scheduled even more schools and we have already had to add some for this spring.  I guess what we’re saying is “Don’t wait to long to sign up, or the date will be filled.”  Rest assured that we will continue to add dates as necessary, and are already adding another instructor for the busy summer months.  This is a great little video that Zach made from our last class, take a couple of minutes to watch it then click on our “Classes Clinics” page to see the upcoming dates.

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