Dec Hogan book signing and clinics

We are very fortunate to be able to offer a rare opportunity.  In March Dec Hogan will be signing copies of his and Marty Howard’s new book “Steelhead Fly Tying Art and Design” on Friday March 1st.  Also on Friday March 1st,  he will be holding a hands on steelhead fly tying class.  On both Saturday and Sunday March 2nd and 3rd, Dec will be holding one of his famous Spey Casting schools.  As you might expect class size is limited and we do expect it to fill quickly, so please don’t delay in calling to register for either of the schools.

March 1st - 4:00 to 6:00 PM Book signing - We will have copies available.
Cost: Free

March 1st - 6:30 to 9:30 PM “Tying Steelhead Flies” class.
Cost: $100.00 Limited to 5 Students

March 2nd - 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM - Spey casting school on the Clackamas River.
Cost - $250.00 Limited to 6 students

March 3rd - 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM - Spey casting school on the Clackamas River.
Cost - $250.00 Limited to 6 students    

Spey Casting School:

  “This class covers many conceptual aspects and philosophies that apply to all styles and methods of two-handed casting. It is designed to put the caster at ease with a clear and simple understanding of how to cast in any situation and be creative with our casts without “fearing” the cast. I cover, in depth, 6 of the most popular casts and how to “create” new casts when necessary.

Also included is an hour-long fishing demo that shows how I cover the water in search of steelhead. From the start of the run to the end, casting angles, reading water, dry line fishing, sink-tip application, presentation, how to securely hook the fish (or not!) how steelhead react to the fly (as witnessed by watching first-hand over a thousand steelhead move to a fly), how to step through a run, etc. etc. All questions will be answered, So bring them with!”

Fly Tying Class:

“This class will cover the art and design of creating beautiful Steelhead flies.  Dec will patiently and methodically take you step by step through the construction of each pattern.  All tools and materials are provided, however, if you wish to use your own vise and tools, bring them along.

Book Signing:

Stop by and meet one of the founding fathers of NW spey casting while enjoying a frosty beverage.  Bring your copy of “Steelhead Fly Tying Art and Design” or pick one up for Dec to sign.

A bit about Dec:

Dec Hogan has often been referred to as “a guide’s guide” and
“a steelheader’s steelheader.” Why? Because he knows his stuff inside and out. The boon to that is he’s as passionate and adept about teaching and sharing information as he is doing it. Hogan lived the dream guiding steelhead fly anglers year ‘round on many of The Pacific Northwest’s premier rivers from the 1989 through 2003. Now Dec is realizing his other dream occupation and is a full-time Firefighter/EMT in Layton, Utah. A retirement pension, health insurance, and job security ain’t such a bad thing either.
Hogan’s schedule at the firehouse allows him ample time to continue instructing and entertaining the fly fishing masses and designing rods for Echo, and fly lines for Airflo. He has written, and continues to write for, many of North America’s fly fishing publications, he is an accomplished photographer and is one of the world’s foremost sought after spey casting instructors. Dec has starred in both spey casting and fly tying instructional DVD’s as well as authoring the highly acclaimed must-have book, “A Passion for Steelhead”, and now his new book co-authored with Mart Howard “Steelhead Fly Tying Art and Design”

Sasquatch Hoodies and Decals

At last the Hoodies have arrived and they turned out awesome!  You can find both the hoodies and decals in our on-line store.

It’s here!  From the sketchpad of Kendall Hocking, the same artist that drew our popular “Swinging Sasquatch”.

We’ve all been there, leaky waders filling with winters frigid water.  Hunger pains from swinging run after long run too busy to eat.  Gear that’s barley holding together.  Believing that the next cast will be the one…  “D-Loop” is the steelhead junkie that lives inside all of us!

This piece comes in a great fitting and super comfy solar shirt.  Sizes Small to XXX Large and the best part is…  They’re only 40 bones…  Now available in the shop and on our online store under sportswear.

We are scheduling our 2019 trout schools now.

Last year saw an unprecedented enrollment in our beginning trout schools.  We were jumping through hoops trying to add dates to keep up with the demand.  In 2018 we scheduled more schools than ever before and still had to add an additional dozen dates to keep up with demand.  I guess what we’re saying is “Don’t wait to long to sign up, or the date will be filled.”  Rest assured that we will continue to add dates as necessary, and have added another instructor for the busy summer months.  This is a great little video that Zach made of our class, take a couple of minutes to watch it then click on our “Classes Clinics” page to see the upcoming dates.

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