Summer Runs

Summer Steelheading continues to get stronger by the day. By now, every Columbia trib below the Dalles Dam and Willamette trib clear to Eugene has a good number of fish to go after. We have been doing best on smaller, dark patterns in the low light hours, but during the mid day bright sun, the prom Dress has stolen the show.

Shaner's Ded Bug

All summer long spent caddis are a staple for trout everywhere, and also happens to be one of the most over looked stages of the insect by anglers. While the afternoon and evening hatches draw the biggest attention, the early morning spinner fall can be just as productive and often better. After long, hot afternoon and summer evenings, trout tend to be very active in the early mornings when the water has cooled down and the light is low. the millions of caddis you see in the bushes will all die within a week of hatching, and a ton of them fall in the water.
Shaner’s Ded Bug has proven to be the best spent caddis we have fished to date. Set the alarm and fish this guy in the slack water directly under trees and branches near the banks, and also the slack water behind all the little grass islands in the riffles. 

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Fly Of The Month
Dirty Bird

Morrish Dirty Bird

One of our favorite summer searching patterns. We’ve caught fish all summer from the west coast past the Rockies on this little guy. Available in both Tan and Olive

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