Dyed Grizzly Saddles Are Back

Finally, the return of Dyed Grizzly Saddles is here. We have a good selection at the moment of some beautiful saddles, just in time for the Summer season. At the moment, this is a very limited availability. The chances of these being available through the summer into winter Steelhead season is very slim, so if you want one, don’t wait. 

Awesome, Easy Stone Nymphs

Pro Sportfisher Stonefly backs and rib are perfect for making realistic, effective stone nymphs for your next trip east. They come in the perfect sizes and colors to match both Salmonflies and Goldens. Just add a little dubbing and legs, and you’re all set.

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Fly Of The Month
Dirty Bird

Morrish Dirty Bird

One of our favorite summer searching patterns. We’ve caught fish all summer from the west coast past the Rockies on this little guy. Available in both Tan and Olive

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