Time to Chase Silvers

We are in one of our favorite times of year. Late October - Early December is prime time to chase silvers on the fly rod. Most all of out local rivers have a good Coho run, and right now with the water conditions improving, we should have rivers full of them. Silvers like water that’s a little high and dirty, so don’t make the mistake of heading home if it doesn’t look as good as you want for Steelhead.

Top 2 Coho Flies

The Jigging action and movement of the Hare leech makes them out top pick for this seasons Coho selection

Both Pink and Chartreuse will get solid hook ups, typically pink in clearer water, chartreuse in dirty water

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Fly Of The Month
Bird Of Prey

October Caddis Bird Of Prey

The #1 fly on the east side now - October. Do not show up the the Deschutes without at least a couple of these.
Both Trout and Steelhead will eat these without question

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