The Hatch

It’s hard to believe, but the Salmonfly / Golden Stone Hatch is on in the lower river. With the forecast this week, it will be moving up river fast. We rose fish yesterday (April 28th) at every stop and had just as many slaps/misses/refusals. We are at the tip of the spear, but don’t wait too long to get ready. Fishing will get better each day.

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Fly Of The Month
Grey Wing Chubby

By now we all know what a great fly the standard chubby is, but it has been fished hard the past few years and around mid hatch a lot of the fish can be put off by the bright white wing. For a few seasons our guides we tying their own chubbies with darker bodies and grey wings to solve that problem and with great results. The same fish that refused the standard pattern ate the grey wing without hesitation. We contacted MFC this year and had the Grey Wing Chubby custom tied so we can now offer them to you. The are available in all the right color combos and sizes. Salmonfly, golden, peacock and last but definitely not least, purple. 

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