Deschutes is in full gear

Salmonfly and Golden adults are starting to pop up on the Deschutes all the way up to Warm Springs as well as PMD’s and PED’s and some small size Caddis.

During the Morning hours, stone nymphs are still taking the most fish. Jimmy’s, Lex’s Improved Stone, and Double Bead Peacock Stones all being great choices depending the fish that are in front of you at any givin time. We had to switch up a bit to find fish consistently. A 14 or 16 mayfly"ish” dropper is also doing equally well. Pheasant tails, copper johns, lightning bugs, knuckle dragger, etc. Switching to PMD adults and emergers around 10 or 11AM is a good choice if you want to get to fish the surface mid day. Any shade you can find, you should find some fish willing to come up and eat a dry. Fishing a dry dropper combo has been very good. A PMD film critic with a non beaded spit back PMD nymph 2 feet behind has producing very good on shady foam lines. Swinging Silvey’s PED Soft Serve is also a very good option in the 3-5PM range. Starting around 6:30pm we start hitting big fish on Salmonfly and Golden adults until dark. Even though there aren’t a ton flying yet, there are some very big fish looking for them in the evening. Early in the hatch they have been pretty care free on the pattern, but as more people head over and the fish start seeing a lot of flies, having a good selection of bugs from size 12 - 6 will be important.

As far as overall fishing conditions, look for trout everywhere. We are doing best mid day on foam lines headed into back eddy’s. Evenings have been classic Salmonfly water, fast pockets and seams. It seems about half the trout have moved out of the winter slow water and back eddies, but half are staying put. The only place we haven’t been finding a lot of trout are in the open riffles, but that will come as summer and the hot weather does. We have a killer weather week ahead of us with high temps in the mid to upper 70’s and the long term forecast look just as great with mid month into the low 80’s. It’s looks like we this year we are finally getting the perfect Salmonfly hatch weather pattern. Time to use up some vacation time. Conditions couldn’t be better this year.

Awesome, Easy Stone Nymphs

Pro Sportfisher Stonefly backs and rib are perfect for making realistic, effective stone nymphs for your next trip east. They come in the perfect sizes and colors to match both Salmonflies and Goldens. Just add a little dubbing and legs, and you’re all set.

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Fly Of The Month
The Jimmy Legs

The Jimmy Legs continues to rule the roost on the Deschutes. Stonefly nymphs are starting to get very active awaiting the big hatch and will be a staple in the trouts diet from now through early May. Make sure to have a good selection of sizes and colors when you show up.

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