Winter Weather Notice

We like to consider ourselves fairly tough when it comes to dealing with all the weather mother nature throws us. We have all stayed out on the river longer than we probably should have a time or two, but when it comes to opening the store in freezing rain and/or snow, our crews safety means more to us than the cash register making noise. On the rare days when we do get a dose of frozen stuff on the roads in the Portland/Metro, please give us a call before you come out to make sure we are open. If it turns out we are closed when you need us, please accept our apologies in advance. Thank you 503-252-1529

Great Custom Hatch Colors!

Just a quick update on the latest custom color from our friends at Hatch Outdoors.  Green is the latest edition and is offered in all green with mid arbor spools.  We are down to just one orange with a black/orange mid arbor spool and only have a few of the red with black/red mid arbor spools left.  These custom colors are limited availability.  We had to order all of these last September and when they’re gone, they’re gone… 

Finally! Pro Flexi Beads are here.

Silvenator fans rejoice!  Pro Sportfisher’s long awaited new Flexibeads are finally here. With a primer coat, 5 coats of paint and 2 clear coats these beads will take lots of punishment.  They are heavier than brass beads and a little lighter than tungsten and available in two sizes Small 5.3mm and Medium 6.3mm.  Available colors are Gunsmoke Metallic, Ultra Orange, Fl Pink, Metallic Blue, and Chartreuse.  They will fit Pro’s Flexi tube, Nano tubes, and medium Classic Tubes.  Come by and check them out or order them online, we sure you’ll not be disappointed.  We will be posting videos and photos on Instagram.

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Winter trout swinging

Another great new article from Zach Epstein.

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Fly Of The Month
Berry’s Rambulance

Berry’s Rambulance

This pattern was developed by our good friend Bruce Berry.  In addition to being a “Master Tyer”, Bruce is a Flyfishing Sales Rep her in the NW, representing such companies as Montana Fly Company, Hatch Reels, Beulah Fly Rods and more.  Bruce got his start tying flies at a very young age and became a customs tyer for Kaufman’s Streamborn while he was in high school and college.  It was a natural transition for him to become a contract fly designer.  When he’s not selling or tying, you’ll find him on the river making sure his next great innovation is dancing in front of a fishes nose.

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