Early Summer

We have quickly settled into summer mode on the Deschutes. Stoneflies are gone, and Caddis have stolen the show, along with some Yellow sally’s and PED’s. While the temps heat up, It’s a good idea to take a few mid day breaks and leave some in the tank so you can stay until dark when fishing will be at it’s best. Make sure to load up on all the Silvey’s Caddis patterns, Purple Haze, X-Caddis, Parachute PMD’s, Sally’s, and Light Cahills for dries. For the nymphing, hit the fast riffles with Caddis Pupas, Stone Nymphs, Dirty Birds, Trip Savers, Possie Buggers and King Princes.

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Fly Of The Month
Silvey’s Edible Emerger

Brian Silvey has developed some of the most effective caddis patterns in existence. The Edible emerger is one of our top producing caddis emergers in any river, anywhere. You can’t fish it wrong. Deep, floating or on the swing, it hammers fish all summer and fall. 
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