Fall Steelheading

Now that were well in to the run of Summer Steelhead a few things are becoming clear.  There are indeed less fish going over the dams on the Columbia, but we all knew that was going to be the case.  Now don’t get to frenzied, because the good news it that’s there are a whole lot less anglers on the water as well.  With sport fishing closures on the Columbia and the closure of the Deschutes below Moody Rapids, the few fishers that are making it to the river are in fact finding some fish!  No it’s not lights out full tilt catching, it is steelhead after all, it’s not supposed to be easy!  I guess what were trying to say, is go fishing.  The only guarantee in fishing is that if you don’t go, you won’t catch…
Good luck and tight lines

Meet Zach Epstein

Zach is NWFFO’s newest employee.  Zach, like most of the people we hire, has been a customer of ours for the last couple years.  We’ve been fortunate enough to watch and aid in his progression as a flyfisher.  Although he’s certainly better known in the snowboarding world, we think he’ll make his mark in the world of flyfishing as well.  Fresh back from his first season guiding in Alaska on the infamous Kanektok River, Zach is looking forward to working in the shop and breaking in to guiding trout here in Oregon.  He is well versed on the Mt. Hood lakes, Deschutes, Sandy, and Clackamas Rivers, so feel free to pick his brain next time you’re in the store. 

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Fly Of The Month
Joe Gert

Joe Gert

This pattern was developed by our good friend Mike Duley.  At the time Mike was a well respected guide on the Deschutes and he actually tied this fly as a joke for another friend Joe Nelson who was a regular at Gert Canyon.  Well, Joe tied it on and proceeded to take a fish on it that same day. The rest as they say is history…  The “Gert” has become a mainstay producer on the Deschutes River.

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