Steelhead Update

Local Steelheading has picked up considerably with the last shot of rain. We are seeing a ton of new, bright fish move into the rivers, as well as a handful of Spring Chinook. As more Springers move in, start looking for Steelhead in tailouts and slower riffles. The deeper pools we were fishing all winter, will be taken over by Chinook. 

The Hatch

We are only 5 or 6 weeks away from the most awaited hatch on the Deschutes. Now is a good time to go over all your gear and make sure everything is in order. Inspect your fly lines for cracks, and give them a bath. Inventory your flies, floatant, leaders, tippet, and dry shake, and if you plan on floating the river, remember it’s limited entry, so get your boaters passes early.

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Fly Of The Month
Restless Stone - aka - Jimmy Legs

The Jimmy Legs has earned its spot in every trout fisherman’s fly box. This is one of those bugs that seems to pull out fish when nothing else can. The fact that is is not weighted heavy, so it flows naturally with the current, and has the perfect silhouette are it’s keys to success. April is one of the best months to hit the Deschutes with these, as the stones are getting very active with the hatch only 5-6 weeks away.

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