The Start Of A New Season

December marks the kick off to a new season in the Pacific Northwest. Winter Steelhead start to nose into our local rivers in late November and by early December, there are usually very fishable numbers in the systems. From the Coast Range though almost the entire west side of the Cascade Range, you can find a winter Steelhead stream, and with each cast, you have the very real chance at hooking the Steelhead of a lifetime. Each year we see at least a couple 20+ lb steelhead hooked not more than 30 minutes from the shop.

Winter Weather Notice

We like to consider ourselves fairly tough when it comes to dealing with all the weather mother nature throws us. We have all stayed out on the river longer than we probably should have a time or two, but when it comes to opening the store in freezing rain and/or snow, our crews safety means more to us than the cash register making noise. On the rare days when we do get a dose of frozen stuff on the roads in the Portland/Metro, please give us a call before you come out to make sure we are open. If it turns out we are closed when you need us, please accept our apologies in advance. Thank you 503-252-1529

Free Fly Ornament Workshop

If you are looking for that special gift this year, the one with a personal touch, we have you covered. On December 17th, from 10AM - 3PM we are having a free workshop for you to make your own mounted fly Christmas tree ornament. We will provide the clear ornament and tying materials for you to tie your own Royal Coachman wet fly tree decoration. Even if you have no tying experience, we will have experts here to guide you step by step.
The workshop is open to all ages, and is perfectly suited for kids to create a very special, hand made gift to their fly fishing parents.
We will also have the option to mount your fly in a shadow box frame. The frame and mounting will cost $10. This is the perfect option for the office desk or tying area wall.

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Tying The Pom Skater

Learn to tie one of the best skaters for PNW Steels

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Fly Of The Month
Lady Gaga

The Lady gaga Intruder

With this years high water start, it’s looking like a big fly winter. The Lada Gaga has all the right attributes to make a great winter steelhead fly. It holds a large profile, has great colors, and is very easy to cast.
To learn how to tie the Lady Gaga from the man himself, Travis Johnson, click HERE

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