Gabe Golobay

When Gabe isn't in the store you will find him either on a baseball field or a body of water.  While he loves to chase trout, we can honestly say he can shoot a crazy amount of line while fishing two handed rods.  As one of the newer staff members he is active in helping clients have success for many different species.  When we asked Gabe why he chose flyfishing he answered:

"Fly fishing is a time to relax and get out and enjoy being with friends and family for me. I don’t even need to catch fish to have a great time on the river, it’s more just about getting out there and spending time on the water. By far my favorite type of fishing is tight little streams with smaller rods and dry flies. Trout are definitely my number one fish species to target. There is just something about a trout coming up and sipping a dry fly and seeing it come flying out of the water after hooking up."

Gabe's desire to get out there and explore is what this fly shop has always loved.  Did we say that he can also throw a crazy amount of line on a spey rod yet?