Fly Fishing Guide - Colby Olson

Colby Olson, or "Son of Ol", as we now like to refer to him as, has been guiding and working in the fly shop helping clients for a few years now.  His background started for many years not in fly fishing, instead it was in technology.  In an epiphany he realized life had way more to offer.

When we have asked Colby what he loves about fly fishing he answers:

"It's all about cutting out the daily monotony and focusing on the natural world right in front of you. Fly-fishing requires an understanding of so many things; bugs, gear, water, and quarry. I can't imagine life without it. My current passion now involves teaching and showing others my love for the sport and the fish. We chase trout, steelhead, and bass throughout the year."

Colby is a recent addition to the Hatch Pro Ambassador program and loves helping our clients in the shop and on the water learn how to become better anglers.