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Unprecedented times… As we all struggle to find our way through this Covid-19 pandemic, we wanted to reach out to all of you, our loyal customers and friends, and let you know what measures we are taking.  With many retailers around the globe either voluntarily or mandated closing their stores temporarily, we have made the decision to stay open.  At least for the time being.  There is with out doubt, no better way to relive the stresses of today’s climate, than to spend some quality time on a river or lake.  It is therefore our thought, that you’ll need us now more than ever.  Here are some key points that we are addressing.


  1. We are sanitizing all surfaces multiple times daily.

  2. We are practicing "Social Distancing" and asking all customers to leave six feet between themselves and others.

  3. We are rescheduling many of our classes and guide trips for those who are concerned with social distancing.

  4. Our web store is still fully functional, and we are shipping daily.

  5. You can always phone an order in and we will either bring to you in the parking lot or ship it to your home.

  6. We are available by phone for any advice you may need.

  7. The Store will adapt temporary hours for the time being.  Please feel free to come in, just understand that we need to stay 6 feet away.

  8. We have put all of our employees on voluntary status, no they’re not working for free… Each individual employee can make the decision if coming to work is the right move for them to make or not, with absolutely no pressure from management.

Our Temporary Store hours will be

10:00 AM to 3:00 PM Monday through Saturday

We will do our level best to keep NWFFO a safe and positive environment for you to come to.  Those that have come in have said they really appreciate that we're open and we really appreciate those that have made it in or placed orders, THANK YOU! W also greatly encourage you to utilize our parking lot pick up and on line services as well. Please remember all the small local businesses you’ve come to enjoy and try to patronize them whenever possible.  With the probable shut down of restaurants and bars, please consider ordering take out or visiting them as soon as they reopen.  The economic impacts of this pandemic will take its toll on them as well. 

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We teach a wide variety of classes designed to make you a more productive fly tier and angler.

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Fly of The Day

Stuck at home during the Coronavirus slowdown, our fly tying instructor, Jeff, had to find a way to skirt around household projects...so he is creating a new fly a day until schools come back in session! All these (mostly trout) flies are tied with scrap materials sitting on his tying table as of March 16th. So don't expect anything too outlandish or perfect as these are all first-attempts, but think about how you can come up with great new ideas with what you have on stock. But, if you see something you like, know that we have the materials in stock to help you out! 

Corona Fly #4

Angry Beaver

Hook: Straight-Eye Dry Fly Hook, #12

Tail: Red Saddle Hackle

Body: Copper mylar

Abdomen Hackle: Grizzly

Thorax Hackle: Black

Wings: Orange Calftail

Friday Night Flies

Every Friday this winter we will be hosting a social tying event on, yep you guessed it, Friday nights.  We will have a "lead" tier every time and we will be tying a variety of patterns. Bring your vise, tools, materials and join in.  No, you do not have to tie the featured patterns, tie what ever you like. Don't have a vise, we have a few loaners for those who need them.  Even if you don't tie, just come in and have a beer and hang out with us.  The first couple months have been a blast.

Friday Night Flies


This Friday 7:00PM

This week, we'll be bringing "Friday Night Flies" to you via Instagram. Eric will be tying his take on John Montana's Hybrid carp fly. He will be live streaming the event from his house. Jack will be on (bonyeyardflyfishing) to try and keep up with any comments. With the current state of affairs, we thought this would be the best alternative than to gather en masse here at the shop. Please tune in Friday and take part in the fun. We will bring the event back to the shop as soon as everything calms down and stabilizes. 

Regardless, we will have fun, spin bugs, eat snacks, consume beer (or soda), and have a few laughs at our own expense.  Hope to see you there.

The Boneyard


Have you checked out the "Boneyard" yet?  This is our used and vintage tackle website.  This had been a really fun and exciting venture we started in 2018 to really give us the chance to showcase our great pre-owned gear for sale.  

If you have some good gear that your just not utilizing anymore, contact Jack Hagan.  He'll look at it, give you an appraisal, and most likely make you an offer.  What do you have to lose?