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Float Tube/Fins Rental

Float Tube/Fins Rental

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Unleash Your Fly Fishing Freedom: Float Tube Rentals in Portland, Oregon

Calling all fly anglers! Take your passion for the sport to new depths with a float tube rental from Northwest Flyfishing Outfitters in Portland, Oregon. Explore hidden coves, stalk elusive fish in secluded areas, and experience the thrill of fly fishing from a unique perspective. Our float tubes are perfect for conquering calm waters in Oregon and Southwest Washington,offering unmatched access to a world of fly fishing possibilities.

Why Choose Float Tube Rentals?

  • Target Fish from a Stealthy Position: Float tubes allow you to approach fish undetected, significantly increasing your strike rate. Unlike bank fishing, you can effortlessly drift across the water, covering more territory and reaching areas inaccessible from shore.
  • Unlock Hidden Honey Holes: Explore those hard-to-reach coves and backwaters that hold trophy fish. Float tubes allow you to navigate narrow channels, lily pads, and submerged structures – prime locations for fly fishing success.
  • Lightweight and Portable: Our float tubes are easy to transport and inflate, making them ideal for spontaneous fishing trips. No need for a bulky boat or trailer – just grab your gear and go!
  • Relaxed and Versatile Fishing: Float tubes offer a comfortable and stable platform for fly fishing. Cast with ease,fight fish with confidence, and enjoy the serenity of being surrounded by water.

Gear Up for Success:

We offer a complete float tube rental package, including fins, a life jacket, and a comfortable backrest. You can also add a rod holder and dry bag for a fully equipped fly fishing adventure.

Book Your Float Tube Adventure Today!

Experience the thrill of fly fishing from a new perspective. Contact [Your Company Name] today and reserve your float tube rental in Portland, Oregon. Let's unlock the hidden potential of Oregon and Southwest Washington's lakes and ponds for your next fly fishing expedition!

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