How Do I Tie A Game Changer Fly?

Pro Guide Eric Leininger Game Changer Walk Through

"Game Changer flies have completely revolutionized how fly anglers approach pressured and wary fish around the world. Tied on a series of interconnecting spines, these flies can be drawn through the water with a serpentine swimming action or made to glide and jacknife in the water with hard strips--movements that predatory fish find irresistable."

-  Blane Chocklett


Game Changer Fly Recipe

  • Renzetti Traveler
  • Veevus 100 GSP White
  • 10mm Next Gen Spines
  • Minnow Body Wrap UV White
  • Ahrex SA274 Size 2
  • 3D Holographic eyes 1/4"
  • .30 Lead Wire
  • Pro Sport Fisher UV Cure
  • Loon Plasma Light
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