What is a Good Mid Summer Low Water Bass Fly to Tie?

Pro Guide Eric Leininger Mini Dungeon Bass Fly Walk Through

Bass fishing in this region is often overlooked as a species to chase with a fly rod, but at NWFFO, we are going to change that perspective!  Yes, we love chasing steelhead, salmon, trout, as, but we also love our other species, including bass, carp, and tiger musky.

In this video Eric Leininger teaches us how to tie a great mid-summer low water pattern called the Mini Dungeon.



  • Gami B10s Size 6 & 8
  • Veevus GSP 100 Thread White
  • Barred Rabbit Orange and Olive
  • Olive Trilobal Dubbing
  • Copper SM Wire
  • Tan Grizzly Hackle
  • Senyos Intruder Wire
  • Olive Deer Hair
  • Large Gold Brass Eyes
  • Rubber Legs Olive & Orange
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