How Do I Repair Leaking Waders?

How Do I Repair Leaking Waders?

With Weather Changes, It's Time to Fix Leaky Waders

Your How To by NWFFO

As we work through the last few weeks of summer, it's also time to get ready for the upcoming colder air and river temperatures.  If you have been wet-wading like we have using Simms Flyweight Boots with Simms Guide Guard Socks, it may be hard to recall, but the season is changing rapidly, and none of us like to be cold and wet!

Let's be honest, we abuse our waders as fly anglers.  We hike through blackberry bushes and brambles, we bust our shins against jagged rocks, then when we get done we crumple them up and expect them to last forever.  So what happens when they don't?  Before you go buy yourself a new pair of waders check to see how severe the leak is.

In this video, Professional Guide Brian helps us learn how to repair waders.

 Things You Will Need:

  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Patch Kit



If you don't have Goretex waders, or your waders are simply past the point of repair, we of course have all of the best options for keeping you warm and dry from Simms waders, layering, and jackets.


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