Can You Catch Smallmouth Bass on a Fly Rod Near Portland...Yes

Can You Catch Smallmouth Bass on a Fly Rod Near Portland...Yes


How to Help You Catch Bass

The last couple of weeks have been very busy in the shop, we love seeing you all and love hearing about your time on the water!  Believe it or not, we fish too!

With outdoor temps soaring we have been doing some local recon work for bass fishing to give our resident trout time to rest and help you get on some crazy great fishing!

Smallmouth bass are a curious and predatory fish which means our job is to find the structure, find the fish, cast accurately, and when all of that comes together you will have a great day chasing this species.  More to come on all of that soon, but...

The day started early for Colby and Gabe, but it's hard to not love a start that looks like...

From the very early morning hours bass of all sizes could be seen crashing top surface on smaller baitfish close to the surface of the water.  Even the Osprey came out to play with fish so high in the water column.

We had chases of our standard popper patterns, and clearly fish were caught, but the action happened when we turned to sink tips and streamers as the day wore on...

The fly rods you need for these bass are not your standard trout rods, reels, or lines.  For one a 14-16" bass has more girth and more strength than a resident trout and weighs in at 2-2.5LBS (soaking wet).

In addition to the size and fight of these small mouth bass, casting a sink tip and streamer pattern you truly want to have a large fly rod like a 7-8 weight.  We recommend the following setups for optimal casting performance:

7-8WT Loomis NRX SwimFly Rods

7+ Hatch Reels

SA Sonar Titan Tropical Clear Tip

SA Bass Bug

Of course there are other options we have in stock, and as always if we don't have what you are looking for we can bring it it!

While it may be "warm" out there, you can still go out and crush!




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